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Etymology not explained, probably iso-, from isos (Gr.), equal; istius, from histion (Gr.), sail (i.e., dorsal fin), referring to its two similarly shaped and sized (and posterior) dorsal fins, a character Gill used to diagnose genus. José I. Castro, The Sharks of North America (Oxford University Press, 2011), suggests name may allude to the Egyptian goddess Isis, represented in statuary with her head veiled, or to the dark collar encircling throat of I. brasiliensis, “which could also suggest a veil over the head” (p. 145). This interpretation is rejected by the fact that Gill often used “istius” in the names of several genera distinguished (at least in part) by their dorsal fins (Acanthistius, Brachyistius, Caristius, Dichistius, Goniistius, Iniistius, Micromesistius, Nematistius). (See ETYFish)
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  from ETYFish
-ensis, Latin suffix denoting place: off the coast of Brazil, type locality. (See ETYFish)
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Note: ETYFish and FishBase started a collaboration to complete the etymology for all valid names of fishes. For the current update, the following groups were completed: hagfishes (Myxini), lampreys (Petromyzonti), chimaeras (Holocephali), and sharks (Squalomorphi). It is a work in progress, so the two websites may not be synchronized.

Scharpf, C. The ETYFish Project, Fish Name Etymology Database.
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