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senior synonym, new combination
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Author and year given as (Péron & Lesueur in Lesueur, 1822) like in Ref. 5450, but note that Péron's contribution is indeterminable from Ref. 46206.
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galeos, a small shark or dogfish according to Aristotle and others (but perhaps used here as a generic term for shark); kerdo, Greek for fox, allusion not explained, perhaps referring to a cunning ability to steal bait from the line (see Alopias, Alopiidae). (See ETYFish)
  Etymology of specific epithet  
  from ETYFish
Patronym not identified but almost certainly in honor of French naturalist Georges Cuvier (1769-1832), then most famous for his Le Règne Animal (1816), a survey of the animal kingdom based on comparative anatomy [presumably a noun in apposition, without the patronymic “i”]. (See ETYFish)
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