Seriolella violacea Guichenot, 1848
Palm ruff
Cojinoba del norte
Seriolella violacea
photo by Galvez, M.E.

Family:  Centrolophidae (Medusafishes)
Max. size:  65 cm TL (male/unsexed)
Environment:  pelagic-oceanic; marine
Distribution:  Southeast Pacific: Chile (Ref. 9068) and the Galapagos Islands (Ref. 26352).
Diagnosis:  Body moderately deep and compressed; dorsal fin with 7 to 8 weak spines and 25 to 28 soft rays (VII-VIII, 25-28), its origin above or slightly behind the insertion of the pectoral fins; pectoral fins falcate; anal fin with 18 to 20 rays; scales deciduous; body entirely dark blue gray; flanks and belly with silver highlights (Ref. 55763).
Biology:  Maximum length estimated from other maximum lengths in Genus; replace with data asap (RF).
IUCN Red List Status: Least Concern (LC); Date assessed: 01 May 2008 Ref. (130435)
Threat to humans:  harmless
Country info:  Also Ref. 9174.

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