Etrumeus makiawa Randall & DiBattista, 2012
Etrumeus makiawa
photo by Randall, H.A.

Family:  Dussumieriidae (Round herrings)
Max. size:  14.1 cm SL (male/unsexed)
Environment:  pelagic-neritic; marine
Distribution:  Pacific Ocean: Hawaiian Islands.
Diagnosis:  A species of Etrumeus with dorsal rays 18 – 20; anal rays 9 – 11; pectoral rays 15 – 16 (usually 15); gill rakers 13 – 16 + 34 – 36 (total 48 – 51); branchiostegal rays 16; vertebrae 54 or 55; body depth 5.05 – 5.55 in SL; head length 4.05 – 4.15 in SL; eye larger than snout length, 2.85 – 3.25 in head length; interorbital width 4.6 – 5.15 in head length; dorsal fin near middle of body, the predorsal length 2.15 – 2.2 in SL; origin of pelvic fins about one-third eye diameter posterior to a vertical at rear base of dorsal fin; color in alcohol brown on upper half of body, abruptly silvery white below; front of snout dark brown dorsally; operculum silvery yellow with a dark blotch dorsally; fins translucent brownish yellow; color when fresh dark purplish blue dorsally, the scale centers silvery, shading to silvery lavender on sides and ventrally; head mainly black dorsally, especially anterior end of snout, silvery ventrally and over operculum; dorsal and caudal fins purple (Ref. 89185).
IUCN Red List Status: Least Concern (LC); Date assessed: 17 July 2017 Ref. (126983)
Threat to humans:  harmless

Source and more info: For personal, classroom, and other internal use only. Not for publication.