Brochiraja heuresa Last & Séret, 2012
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Family:  Arhynchobatidae (Softnose skates)
Max. size:  35.5 cm WD (male/unsexed); 36.4 cm WD (female)
Environment:  bathydemersal; marine; depth range 870 - 1350 m
Distribution:  Tasman Sea: known from deep banks and ridges of the northern Tasman Sea, including the western Norfolk Ridge and the Wanganella Bank (ca 32°35’–35°08’ S, 166°56’–169°29’ E), at 870–1350 m depth (Ref. 89011).
Diagnosis:  A small species of Brochiraja distinguished by the following combination of characters: long tail, 1.2–1.3 times disc length, 2.4–2.5 times ventral head length, 4.9–6.0 times snout length; orbit moderately large, 2.7–3.4 in preorbital snout length; tail slender but with relatively broad conical base, evenly tapering to mid-length of tail, its width at pelvic-fin insertions 2.1–3.0 times width at midlength; anterior lobe of pelvic fin fleshy, spatulate; dorsal disc deceptively granular in appearance, covered with minute spiny denticles; mid-dorsal surface of tail with small thorns, surrounded by fine denticles; dorsolateral surface of tail lacking thorns; snout length 2.4–3.0 times distance from snout tip to weak rostral thorn; calcified rostral shaft short; single reduced preorbital thorn, posterior thorn weak or absent; ventral disc naked; anteroventral lateral margin of tail covered in fine denticles; alar thorns of mature males united to form a broad patch over most of outer anterior part of pectoral fin; no obvious malar thorn patch; lateral skin fold weak, somewhat expanded at level of dorsal fins, but width less than tail width, originating well behind middle of tail; dorsal surface pale bluish pink, ventral surface darker than dorsal surface, reddish brown; well-defined series of pale-edged pores on ventral surface, forming a whitish line adjacent anterior margin (disc distinctly darker lateral to this line); nuchal pore band not obvious; total pectoral radials 58–63; predorsal vertebrae 88–100; 30–42 tooth rows in upper jaw (Ref. 89011).
IUCN Red List Status: Data deficient (DD); Date assessed: 22 June 2017 Ref. (123251)
Threat to humans:  harmless
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