Common names of Gymnothorax johnsoni
n = 12
See Market names
Common Name Used in Language
Type Official Trade Name
Anguille pintade Mauritius Creole, French Vernacular No
Congre tacheté Reunion I. French Vernacular No
Johnsoni silepeamureen Estonia Estonian Vernacular No
Moreia pintalgada Mozambique Portuguese Vernacular No
Muréna johnsonova Czechia Czech vernacular No
Murène à ronds blancs Mauritius French Vernacular No
Qmum Jordan Arabic Vernacular No
Whitespotted moray South Africa English Vernacular No
Whitespotted moray Global English FAO old No
Witgespikkelde bontpaling South Africa Afrikaans Vernacular No
白点裸胸鳝 China Mandarin Chinese Vernacular No
白點裸胸鱔 China Mandarin Chinese Vernacular No
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