Common names of Leiostomus xanthurus
n = 13
See Market names
Common Name Used in Language
Type Official Trade Name
Croca Mexico Spanish AFS No
Punkttrommefisk Denmark Danish Vernacular No
Roncadeira-pinta Portugal Portuguese Vernacular No
Slätkväkare Sweden Swedish Vernacular No
Spot Poland Polish Vernacular No
Spot USA English AFS No
Spot croaker Global English FAO No
Tambour croca France French FAO No
Verrugato croca Spain Spanish FAO No
Zebrasta grba Slovenia Slovene Vernacular No
спот Russia Russian Vernacular No
黃尾平口石首魚 China Mandarin Chinese Vernacular No
黄尾平口石首鱼 China Mandarin Chinese Vernacular No
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