Biblio Entry Summary for Aseraggodes whitakeri
Citation Randall, J.E. and P. Bartsch, 2005, Two new soleid fishes of the genus Aseraggodes from Micronesia, with a record of A. smithi from Palau.. Micronesica 38(1):125-139.
Ref. 56490 Randall, J.E. and P. Bartsch, 2005
Page 134
Named Used as Valid Aseraggodes whitakeri
Distribution Hull Island, Phoenix Islands
Quote Schultz 1943:59 wrote that specimen USNM 115223 (4.5 cm TL, 3.5 cmSL?) may be A. melanostictus; it has 74 dorsal rays and 52 anal rays, 66 lateral-line scales, and 37 vertebrae; body more slender and upper eye entirely anterior to the lower. Identified by authors herein as A. whitakeri.
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