Abundance Information for Gadus morhua
Main Ref.
Country England and Wales (UK) Ecosystem Atlantic Ocean
Locality R2 - east coast between Winterton & North Foreland Depth
Introduced Year Intro.
Life Stage not specified mixed
Quantitative 0.021 Unit numbers/km2
Semi Quantitative <100 Unit numbers/km2
Qualitative rare
Year 1973 - 1995 Period 1950-1974
Date 01/09/73 - 30/09/95 Record Type survey
Record Type survey
Seasonal yes Method swept area
Remarks Area surveyed includes the estuarine area of the rivers Thames, Orwell and Stour. In 1973 and 1979, the east coast was sampled thoroughly. The 1974 sampling only included the south coast. From 1981-1995, both east and south coasts were sampled annualy during September. Data provided are the mean catch during the period. Two types of fishing gears were used during the survey (2m beam trawl and 1.5m push net), both used fine mesh nets with codend liner of 4 mm knotless mesh, a light chain footrope and three tickler chains stretched loosely between shoes. The push net was operated in areas between 0-1m depth while the beam trawl was deployed from a small boat in water up to 20m deep, moving at approximately 1 knot or 35 min per minute.
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