Abundance Information for Gadus morhua
Main Ref.
Country Norway Ecosystem Barents Sea
Locality Western Barents Sea Depth
Introduced Year Intro.
Life Stage not specified unsexed
Quantitative 31047 Unit number
Semi Quantitative 1000-50000 Unit number
Qualitative extremely abundant
Year 2000 - 2000 Period 1975-2000
Date 20/07/00 - 19/08/00 Record Type field sample
Record Type field sample
Seasonal not specified Method swept area
Remarks There were 257 trawl hauls during the sampling in the area within 70-76°N and 16-40°E. Campelen 1800 shrimp trawl, with 40-m sweeps ans a cod-end equipped with a 22 mm mesh size inner lining was used. The standard trawling time was 30 mins at 3 knots. At 23 stations however, a towing time of 15 min was employed.
(e.g. 9948)
( e.g. cephalopods )
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