Abundance Information for Gadus morhua
Main Ref.
Country Germany Ecosystem Baltic Sea
Locality Western Baltic Sea (ICES Subdivision 22 and 24) Depth
Introduced Year Intro.
Life Stage juvenile/recruits unsexed
Quantitative 0.08 Unit numbers/m2
Semi Quantitative <100 Unit numbers/m2
Qualitative rare
Year 2001 - 2001 Period 2001-present
Date 01/04/01 - 31/05/01 Record Type field sample
Record Type field sample
Seasonal not specified Method volumetric
Remarks Life stages of the species collected (fish larvae and juveniles). Fish larvae were caught with a bongo net (60 cm in diameter, with 0.5 mm mesh size on the outer net and 0.335 mm on the inner net). At each of the 57 stations, 2 oblique hauls at a speed of 3 knots were carried out up to 2 m above the bottom. The samples were fixed on board in 4% formaldehyde. 'Flow-through counter' measurements made possible the calculation of fish volumes.
(e.g. 9948)
( e.g. cephalopods )
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