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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Aplochiton marinus South America 1928
Aplochiton taeniatus South America 33.4 SL 1842
Aplochiton zebra South America 27.8 SL 1842
Brachygalaxias bullocki South America 5.5 SL 1908
Brachygalaxias gothei South America 1983
Galaxias anomalus Oceania 6.8 FL 1959
Galaxias argenteus Giant kokopu Southwest Pacific 40 NG 1789
Galaxias auratus Golden Galaxias Oceania 24 SL 1883
Galaxias brevipinnis Koaro Oceania 28 SL 1866
Galaxias cobitinis Oceania 2002
Galaxias depressiceps Oceania 8.2 FL 1996
Galaxias divergens Dwarf galaxias Oceania 6.8 FL 1959
Galaxias eldoni Oceania 8.4 FL 1997
Galaxias fasciatus Banded kokopu Oceania 25.3 TL 1842
Galaxias fontanus Swan galaxias Oceania 13.5 SL 1978
Galaxias fuscus Oceania 12.3 SL 1936
Galaxias globiceps South America 10.7 SL 1928
Galaxias gollumoides Oceania 1999
Galaxias gracilis Dwarf inanga Oceania 6.2 SL 1967
Galaxias johnstoni Clarence galaxias Oceania 14 SL 1936
Galaxias macronasus Oceania 7 SL 2003
Galaxias maculatus Inanga Oceania 19 SL 1842
Galaxias neocaledonicus Oceania 5.2 FL 1913
Galaxias niger Black galaxias Oceania 1985
Galaxias occidentalis Western galaxias Oceania 19 SL 1899
Galaxias olidus Mountain galaxias Oceania 15 SL 1866
Galaxias parvus Swamp galaxias Oceania 10 SL 1968
Galaxias paucispondylus Alpine galaxias Oceania 10.1 TL 1938
Galaxias pedderensis Pedder galaxias Oceania 16 SL 1968
Galaxias platei South America 30.9 SL 1898
Galaxias postvectis Shortjaw kokopu Oceania 26 SL 1899
Galaxias prognathus Longjawed galaxias Oceania 9.1 TL 1940
Galaxias pullus Oceania 1997
Galaxias rostratus Flathead galaxias Oceania 12 SL 1872
Galaxias tanycephalus Saddled galaxias Oceania 14.5 SL 1978
Galaxias truttaceus Spotted mountain trout Oceania 20 SL 1846
Galaxias vulgaris Common river galaxias Oceania 10 FL 1949
Galaxias zebratus Cape galaxias Africa 7.5 TL 1861
Galaxiella munda Western dwarf galaxias Oceania 6 SL 1978
Galaxiella nigrostriata Blackstriped dwarf galaxias Eastern Indian Ocean 4.8 TL 1953
Galaxiella pusilla Eastern dwarf galaxias Oceania 4.8 SL 1936
Galaxiella toourtkoourt Little galaxias Oceania 4.2 TL 2015
Lovettia sealii Tasmanian whitebait Oceania 8 TL 1883
Neochanna apoda Brown mudfish Oceania 11 TL 1867
Neochanna burrowsius Canterbury mudfish Oceania 15 1926
Neochanna cleaveri Tasmanian mudfish Oceania 12.5 SL 1934
Neochanna diversus Black mudfish Oceania 12.2 SL 1949
Neochanna heleios Northland mudfish Oceania 11.8 TL 2001
Neochanna rekohua Oceania 7.5 FL 1995
Paragalaxias dissimilis Shannon galaxias Oceania 7.5 SL 1906
Paragalaxias eleotroides Great Lake Galaxias Oceania 5.9 SL 1978
Paragalaxias julianus Julian galaxias Oceania 10 SL 1978
Paragalaxias mesotes Arthurs galaxias Oceania 8 SL 1978

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