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Family: Atherinopsidae Neotropical silversides

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Atherinella alvarezi Gulf silverside North America 6.6 SL 1972
Atherinella ammophila La Palma silverside North America 1984
Atherinella argentea Moon silverside Eastern Central Pacific 11.1 SL 1986
Atherinella balsana Balsas silverside North America 1902
Atherinella beani Western Central Atlantic 1923
Atherinella blackburni Beach silverside Western Central Atlantic 13 TL 1949
Atherinella brasiliensis Brazilian silversides Western Central Atlantic 17.7 TL 1825
Atherinella callida Cunning silverside North America 1986
Atherinella chagresi Western Central Atlantic 9 TL 1914
Atherinella colombiensis South America 1920
Atherinella crystallina Blackfin silverside North America 1895
Atherinella elegans Fuerte silverside North America 1986
Atherinella eriarcha Longfin silverside Eastern Central Pacific 8 TL 1882
Atherinella guatemalensis Guatemala silverside Eastern Central Pacific 7.5 SL 1864
Atherinella guija Central America 1925
Atherinella hubbsi Central America 7 TL 1979
Atherinella jiloaensis Central America 1979
Atherinella lisa Naked silverside North America 1904
Atherinella marvelae Eyipantla silverside North America 1982
Atherinella meeki Central America 1907
Atherinella milleri Western Central Atlantic 5.5 TL 1979
Atherinella nepenthe Pitcher silverside Eastern Central Pacific 10 TL 1942
Atherinella nesiotes Broadstripe silverside Eastern Pacific 10 SL 1942
Atherinella nocturna Southeast Pacific 1942
Atherinella pachylepis Thickscale silverside Eastern Pacific 16 TL 1864
Atherinella pallida Eastern Central Pacific 1944
Atherinella panamensis Panama silverside Eastern Pacific 11 TL 1875
Atherinella pellosemeion Mancuernas silverside North America 1986
Atherinella robbersi South America 1950
Atherinella sallei Large-eye silverside North America 1903
Atherinella sardina Central America 5.5 TL 1907
Atherinella schultzi Chimalapa silverside North America 1952
Atherinella serrivomer Bright silverside Eastern Pacific 1986
Atherinella starksi Star silverside Eastern Central Pacific 11 SL 1923
Atherinella venezuelae South America 1920
Atherinops affinis Topsmelt silverside Eastern Pacific 37 TL 1860
Atherinopsis californiensis Jack silverside Eastern Pacific 45 TL 1854
Basilichthys archaeus South America 1878
Basilichthys australis South America 1928
Basilichthys microlepidotus South America 1841
Basilichthys semotilus South America 1874
Chirostoma aculeatum Scowling silverside North America 1973
Chirostoma arge Largetooth silverside North America 1899
Chirostoma attenuatum Slender silverside Central America 10 TL 1902
Chirostoma bartoni Alberca silverside North America 7.1 SL 1896
Chirostoma chapalae Smallmouth silverside North America 14 TL 1899
Chirostoma charari Least silverside North America 1945
Chirostoma compressum North America 1940
Chirostoma consocium Ranch silverside North America 1919
Chirostoma contrerasi Ajijic silverside North America 2002
Chirostoma copandaro North America 1945
Chirostoma estor Pike silverside North America 42 TL 1880
Chirostoma grandocule Bigeye silverside North America 12.3 SL 1894
Chirostoma humboldtianum Shortfin silverside Central America 20 TL 1835
Chirostoma jordani Charal North America 1894
Chirostoma labarcae Sharpnose silverside North America 1902
Chirostoma lucius Longjaw silverside North America 1900
Chirostoma melanoccus Blunthead silverside North America 1963
Chirostoma patzcuaro Patzcuaro silverside North America 12 TL 1902
Chirostoma promelas Blacknose silverside North America 1899
Chirostoma reseratum North America 1963
Chirostoma riojai Toluca silverside North America 1966
Chirostoma sphyraena Bigmouth silverside North America 1900
Chirostoma zirahuen North America 1902
Colpichthys hubbsi Delta silverside Eastern Central Pacific 15 SL 1989
Colpichthys regis False grunion Eastern Central Pacific 1889
Labidesthes sicculus Brook silverside North America 13 TL 1865
Labidesthes vanhyningi North America 6.4 SL 1930
Leuresthes sardina Gulf grunion Eastern Central Pacific 25 TL 1889
Leuresthes tenuis California grunion Eastern Pacific 19 TL 1860
Melanorhinus boekei St. Maarten pejerry Western Central Atlantic 1919
Melanorhinus cyanellus Blackback silverside Eastern Central Pacific 10 TL 1923
Melanorhinus microps Querimana silverside Western Atlantic 7.5 TL 1860
Membras analis Backwaters silverside Western Central Atlantic 12 TL 1948
Membras argentea South America 1948
Membras dissimilis Southwest Atlantic. 1956
Membras gilberti Landia silverside Eastern Central Pacific 20 TL 1890
Membras martinica Rough silverside Western Atlantic 12.5 TL 1835
Membras vagrans Western Central Atlantic 1879
Menidia audens Mississippi silverside North and central America 15 TL 1882
Menidia beryllina Inland silverside Western Atlantic 15 TL 1867
Menidia clarkhubbsi Texas silverside North America 1982
Menidia colei Golden silverside Central America 4.2 SL 1936
Menidia conchorum Key silverside Western Atlantic 5 TL 1927
Menidia extensa Waccamaw silverside North America 8 TL 1946
Menidia menidia Atlantic silverside Western Atlantic 15 TL 1766
Menidia peninsulae Tidewater silverside Western Atlantic 15 TL 1879
Odontesthes argentinensis South America 42.1 TL 1835
Odontesthes bicudo South America 22.2 SL 2002
Odontesthes bonariensis Argentinian silverside South America 50 TL 1835
Odontesthes brevianalis South America 1880
Odontesthes gracilis Southeast Pacific 6.5 SL 1898
Odontesthes hatcheri South America 1909
Odontesthes humensis South America 19.8 SL 1953
Odontesthes incisa Southwest Atlantic 10 TL 1841
Odontesthes ledae South America 20.3 SL 2002
Odontesthes mauleanum South America 11 SL 1896
Odontesthes mirinensis South America 14.8 SL 1996
Odontesthes nigricans Southwest Atlantic 21.6 SL 1848
Odontesthes orientalis South America 1950
Odontesthes perugiae South America 1906
Odontesthes piquava South America 26.3 SL 2002
Odontesthes platensis Southwest Atlantic 11.9 SL 1895
Odontesthes regia Chilean silverside South America 17.2 SL 1821
Odontesthes retropinnis South America 20.3 SL 1953
Odontesthes smitti South America 26.2 SL 1929
Odontesthes wiebrichi South America 1928
Odontesthes yucuman South America 16.9 SL 2017
Poblana alchichica Alchichica silverside Central America 1945
Poblana ferdebueni Chignahuapan silverside Central America 1965
Poblana letholepis La Preciosa silverside Central America 1950
Poblana squamata Quechulac silverside Central America 1950

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