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Family: Pseudopimelodidae Bumblebee catfishes, dwarf marbled catfishes

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39 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Batrochoglanis acanthochiroides South America 80 TL 1942
Batrochoglanis melanurus South America 13.7 SL 2005
Batrochoglanis raninus South America 20 SL 1840
Batrochoglanis transmontanus South America 25 TL 1913
Batrochoglanis villosus South America 14.8 TL 1912
Cephalosilurus albomarginatus South America 8.5 SL 1912
Cephalosilurus apurensis South America 29 SL 1978
Cephalosilurus fowleri South America 40.5 TL 1911
Cephalosilurus nigricaudus South America 35 TL 1974
Cruciglanis pacifici South America 11.2 SL 2006
Lophiosilurus alexandri South America 72 TL 1876
Microglanis ater South America 8.1 SL 1936
Microglanis carlae South America 3.4 SL 2008
Microglanis cibelae South America 7.1 SL 1998
Microglanis cottoides South America 6.8 SL 1891
Microglanis eurystoma South America 7.8 SL 1998
Microglanis garavelloi South America 4.2 SL 2005
Microglanis iheringi South America 6 SL 1946
Microglanis leptostriatus South America 4.2 SL 2006
Microglanis lundbergi South America 2.8 SL 2013
Microglanis maculatus South America 3.7 SL 2014
Microglanis malabarbai South America 5.0 SL 2005
Microglanis minutus South America 3.0 SL 2010
Microglanis nigripinnis South America 4.7 SL 1992
Microglanis oliveirai South America 2.6 SL 2011
Microglanis parahybae South America 8 SL 1880
Microglanis pataxo South America 3.9 SL 2006
Microglanis pellopterygius South America 6.8 SL 1978
Microglanis poecilus Dwarf marbled catfish South America 6.9 SL 1912
Microglanis robustus South America 2.3 SL 2010
Microglanis secundus South America 4 SL 1974
Microglanis variegatus South America 4.5 SL 1914
Microglanis xylographicus South America 2.8 SL 2011
Microglanis zonatus South America 2 SL 1942
Pseudopimelodus bufonius South America 24.5 SL 1840
Pseudopimelodus charus South America 20.2 SL 1840
Pseudopimelodus mangurus South America 69 TL 1835
Pseudopimelodus pulcher South America 8.7 TL 1887
Pseudopimelodus schultzi South America 20.7 SL 1955

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