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Family: Paralichthyidae Large-tooth flounders

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Ancylopsetta antillarum Western Central Atlantic 1966
Ancylopsetta cycloidea Cyclope flounder Western Central Atlantic 25 TL 1959
Ancylopsetta dendritica Three-spot flounder Eastern Pacific 35 TL 1890
Ancylopsetta dilecta Three-eye flounder Western Atlantic 25 TL 1883
Ancylopsetta kumperae Foureyed flounder Western Central Atlantic 25 TL 1959
Ancylopsetta microctenus Western Central Atlantic 1966
Ancylopsetta ommata Gulf of Mexico ocellated flounder Western Atlantic 25 TL 1883
Cephalopsetta ventrocellatus Indian Ocean 1965
Citharichthys abbotti Veracruz whiff Western Central Atlantic 1969
Citharichthys amblybregmatus Western Central Atlantic. 1970
Citharichthys arctifrons Gulf Stream flounder Western Atlantic 18 TL 1880
Citharichthys arenaceus Sand whiff Western Atlantic 20 TL 1900
Citharichthys cornutus Horned whiff Western Atlantic 10 TL 1880
Citharichthys darwini Darwin's sanddab Southeast Pacific 6 SL 2013
Citharichthys dinoceros Spined whiff Western Atlantic 12 SL 1886
Citharichthys fragilis Gulf sanddab Eastern Pacific 22 TL 1890
Citharichthys gilberti Bigmouth sanddab Eastern Pacific 27 TL 1889
Citharichthys gnathus Southeast Pacific 13.2 SL 1999
Citharichthys gordae Mimic sandab Eastern Central Pacific 14.7 TL 1938
Citharichthys gymnorhinus Anglefin whiff Western Atlantic 7.5 TL 1970
Citharichthys macrops Spotted whiff Western Atlantic 20 TL 1885
Citharichthys mariajorisae Five-rayed sanddab Eastern Pacific 12.4 SL 1995
Citharichthys minutus Western Central Atlantic 1982
Citharichthys platophrys Small sandab Eastern Pacific 20.6 TL 1891
Citharichthys sordidus Pacific sanddab Eastern Pacific 41 TL 1854
Citharichthys spilopterus Bay whiff Western Atlantic 21 TL 1862
Citharichthys stampflii Smooth flounder Eastern Atlantic 16 TL 1894
Citharichthys stigmaeus Speckled sanddab Eastern Pacific 17 TL 1882
Citharichthys surinamensis Western Central Atlantic 1801
Citharichthys uhleri Voodoo whiff Central and South America 14 SL 1889
Citharichthys valdezi Western Central Atlantic 1986
Citharichthys xanthostigma Longfin sanddab Eastern Pacific 25 TL 1890
Cyclopsetta chittendeni Mexican flounder Western Atlantic 32 TL 1895
Cyclopsetta fimbriata Spotfin flounder Western Atlantic 33 TL 1885
Cyclopsetta panamensis God's flounder Eastern Pacific 35 TL 1876
Cyclopsetta querna Toothed flounder Eastern Pacific 43.2 TL 1890
Etropus ciadi Eastern Pacific 9.3 SL 2005
Etropus crossotus Fringed flounder Western Atlantic 20 TL 1882
Etropus cyclosquamus Shelf flounder Western Central Atlantic 9 SL 1986
Etropus delsmani delsmani Western Central Atlantic 1940
Etropus delsmani pacificus Delsman's flounder Eastern Pacific 1963
Etropus ectenes Sole flounder Eastern Pacific 20 TL 1889
Etropus longimanus Southwest Atlantic 15.5 NG 1933
Etropus microstomus Smallmouth flounder Western Atlantic 13 TL 1864
Etropus peruvianus Peruvian flounder Eastern Pacific 1946
Etropus rimosus Gray flounder Western Atlantic 13 TL 1885
Gastropsetta frontalis Shrimp flounder Western Atlantic 25 TL 1895
Hippoglossina bollmani Eastern Pacific 20 TL 1890
Hippoglossina macrops Bigeye flounder Eastern Pacific 1876
Hippoglossina montemaris Southeast Pacific 1961
Hippoglossina mystacium Southeast Pacific 1936
Hippoglossina oblonga American fourspot flounder Western Atlantic 41 TL 1815
Hippoglossina stomata Bigmouth flounder Eastern Pacific 40 TL 1890
Hippoglossina tetrophthalma Fourspot flounder Eastern Pacific 36 TL 1890
Paralichthys adspersus Fine flounder Eastern Pacific 70 TL 1867
Paralichthys aestuarius Cortez flounder Eastern Central Pacific 58.3 SL 1898
Paralichthys albigutta Gulf flounder Western Atlantic 71 TL 1882
Paralichthys brasiliensis Brazilian flounder Southwest Atlantic 100 TL 1842
Paralichthys californicus California flounder Eastern Pacific 152 TL 1859
Paralichthys delfini Southeast Pacific 1987
Paralichthys dentatus Summer flounder Northwest Atlantic 94 TL 1766
Paralichthys fernandezianus Southeast Pacific 1903
Paralichthys isosceles Southwest Atlantic 38 TL 1891
Paralichthys lethostigma Southern flounder Western Atlantic 83 TL 1884
Paralichthys microps Southeast Pacific 41 TL 1881
Paralichthys olivaceus Bastard halibut Western Pacific 103 TL 1846
Paralichthys orbignyanus Southwest Atlantic 62.4 TL 1839
Paralichthys patagonicus Patagonian flounder Southeast Pacific 62 TL 1889
Paralichthys squamilentus Broad flounder Western Atlantic 46 TL 1882
Paralichthys triocellatus Southwest Atlantic 26.2 NG 1903
Paralichthys tropicus Tropical flounder Western Central Atlantic 50 TL 1933
Paralichthys woolmani Speckled flounder Eastern Pacific 80 TL 1897
Pseudorhombus annulatus Ringed flounder Western Indian Ocean 10.5 TL 1927
Pseudorhombus argus Peacock flounder Indo-West Pacific 25 SL 1913
Pseudorhombus arsius Largetooth flounder Indo-West Pacific 45 TL 1822
Pseudorhombus binii Southeast Pacific 1955
Pseudorhombus cinnamoneus Cinnamon flounder Western Pacific 35 SL 1846
Pseudorhombus ctenosquamis Northwest Pacific 1927
Pseudorhombus diplospilus Four twin-spot flounder Western Pacific 40 SL 1926
Pseudorhombus dupliciocellatus Ocellated flounder Indo-West Pacific 40 SL 1905
Pseudorhombus elevatus Deep flounder Indian Ocean 20 SL 1912
Pseudorhombus javanicus Javan flounder Indo-West Pacific 35 SL 1853
Pseudorhombus jenynsii Smalltooth flounder Indo-West Pacific 34 TL 1855
Pseudorhombus levisquamis Western Pacific 26.7 SL 1927
Pseudorhombus malayanus Malayan flounder Indo-West Pacific 35 SL 1865
Pseudorhombus megalops Western Central Pacific 22 SL 1934
Pseudorhombus micrognathus Indo-West Pacific 1927
Pseudorhombus natalensis Natal flounders Western Indian Ocean 26.5 TL 1904
Pseudorhombus neglectus Indo-West Pacific 25 SL 1865
Pseudorhombus oculocirris Northwest Pacific 1969
Pseudorhombus oligodon Roughscale flounder Northwest Pacific 30 SL 1854
Pseudorhombus pentophthalmus Fivespot flounder Western Pacific 18 SL 1862
Pseudorhombus quinquocellatus Five-eyed flounder Western Pacific 20 SL 1929
Pseudorhombus russellii Western Central Pacific 23 SL 1834
Pseudorhombus spinosus Spiny flounder Western Pacific 30 SL 1914
Pseudorhombus tenuirastrum Southwest Pacific 25 SL 1899
Pseudorhombus triocellatus Three spotted flounders Indo-West Pacific 15 SL 1801
Syacium guineensis Papillose flounder Eastern Atlantic 29.5 TL 1862
Syacium gunteri Shoal flounder Western Atlantic 20 TL 1933
Syacium latifrons Beach flounder Eastern Pacific 28 TL 1882
Syacium longidorsale Longfin flounder Eastern Pacific 15 TL 1992
Syacium maculiferum Clearspot flounder Eastern Central Pacific 24 TL 1899
Syacium micrurum Channel flounder Western Atlantic 40 TL 1842
Syacium ovale Oval flounder Eastern Pacific 23 TL 1864
Syacium papillosum Dusky flounder Western Atlantic 30 TL 1758
Tarphops elegans Northwest Pacific 1969
Tarphops oligolepis Northwest Pacific 6.5 SL 1858
Tephrinectes sinensis Western Pacific 27 SL 1802
Thysanopsetta naresi Southeast Pacific 15.1 SL 1880
Xystreurys liolepis Fantail flounder Eastern Pacific 63.5 TL 1880
Xystreurys rasile Southwest Atlantic 40 NG 1891

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