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Family: Acropomatidae Lanternbellies, temperate ocean-basses

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Acropoma argentistigma Eastern Indian Ocean 10.8 SL 2002
Acropoma boholensis Western Central Pacific 13.2 SL 2002
Acropoma hanedai Northwest Pacific 13.5 SL 1953
Acropoma japonicum Glowbelly Indo-West Pacific 20 TL 1859
Acropoma lecorneti Western Pacific 35 FL 1988
Acropoma profundum Solomon’s lanternbelly Southwestern Pacific 4.0 SL 2014
Apogonops anomalus Threespine cardinalfish Indo-Pacific 15 SL 1896
Caraibops trispinosus Threespine bass Western Atlantic 11.5 TL 1984
Doederleinia berycoides Blackthroat seaperch Eastern Indian Ocean to W 40 TL 1879
Kaperangus microlepis Thinlip splitfin Eastern Atlantic 16.5 SL 1935
Malakichthys barbatus Indo-west Pacific 18.0 SL 2001
Malakichthys elegans Splendid seabass Indo-West Pacific 20 SL 1943
Malakichthys griseus Indo-West Pacific 15 TL 1883
Malakichthys levis Smooth seabass Eastern Indian Ocean 15.9 SL 2002
Malakichthys mochizuki Mochizuki's seabass Western Pacific 14 SL 2002
Malakichthys similis Western Pacific 15 SL 2004
Malakichthys wakiyae Northwest Pacific 15 TL 1925
Neoscombrops atlanticus Western Atlantic 24.5 TL 1984
Neoscombrops cynodon Silver splitfin Western Indian Ocean. 21 SL 1921
Neoscombrops pacificus Pacific Ocean 40 TL 1979
Parascombrops analis Threespine seabass Disjunct distribution 11 SL 1957
Parascombrops argyreus Indo-West-Pacific 18.3 SL 1897
Parascombrops glossodon Western Pacific 9 SL 2017
Parascombrops madagascariensis Southwestern Indian Ocean 7 SL 2017
Parascombrops mochizukii Western Pacific 16.6 SL 2017
Parascombrops nakayamai Western Pacific, known fr 11 SL 2017
Parascombrops ohei Northwest Pacific 9 SL 2017
Parascombrops parvidens Western Pacific restricte 7.5 SL 2017
Parascombrops pellucidus Indian Ocean from East Af 9 SL 1889
Parascombrops philippinensis Sharptooth seabass Western Pacific 13 TL 1880
Parascombrops serratospinosus Roughspine seabass Western Pacific 8.1 SL 1912
Parascombrops spinosus Keelcheek bass Western Atlantic 13 TL 1940
Parascombrops yamanouei Restricted to an antitrop 10 SL 2017
Synagrops bellus Blackmouth bass Eastern Atlantic 23 SL 1896
Synagrops japonicus Blackmouth splitfin Indo-Pacific 35 SL 1883
Verilus pseudomicrolepis Western Atlantic 14.5 SL 1940
Verilus sordidus Western Central Atlantic 30 TL 1860

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