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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Arnoglossus andrewsi Eastern Indian Ocean 22.6 SL 1954
Arnoglossus arabicus Arabian flounder Western Indian Ocean 10.5 TL 1939
Arnoglossus armstrongi Eastern Indian Ocean 16.9 SL 1975
Arnoglossus aspilos Spotless lefteye flounder Indo-West Pacific 19 TL 1851
Arnoglossus bassensis Bass Strait flounder Indo-West Pacific 25 TL 1926
Arnoglossus boops Southwest Pacific 1875
Arnoglossus brunneus Brown lefteye flounder Western Central Pacific 18.3 TL 1934
Arnoglossus capensis Cape scaldfish Eastern Atlantic 20 TL 1898
Arnoglossus coeruleosticta Southeast Pacific 1898
Arnoglossus dalgleishi East coast flounder Indo-Pacific 19 TL 1922
Arnoglossus debilis Weak lefteye flounder Pacific Ocean 17 TL 1905
Arnoglossus elongatus Long lefteye flounder Western Pacific 11 TL 1913
Arnoglossus fisoni Fison's lefteye flounder Western Pacific 13 TL 1898
Arnoglossus grohmanni Mediterranean Sea. 1837
Arnoglossus imperialis Imperial scaldfish Eastern Atlantic 25 TL 1810
Arnoglossus japonicus Japanese lefteye flounder Indo-West Pacific 17 TL 1915
Arnoglossus kessleri Scaldback Mediterranean and Black S 10 TL 1915
Arnoglossus laterna Mediterranean scaldfish Eastern Atlantic 25 SL 1792
Arnoglossus macrolophus Large-crested lefteye flounder Indo-West Pacific 13 TL 1889
Arnoglossus marisrubri Western Indian Ocean 1986
Arnoglossus micrommatus Eastern Indian Ocean 13.1 SL 1997
Arnoglossus muelleri Mueller's flounder Eastern Indian Ocean 21 TL 1872
Arnoglossus multirastris Southeast Pacific 1983
Arnoglossus nigrifrons Western Central Pacific 2000
Arnoglossus nigrofilamentosus Filamentous flounder eastern Mediterranean Sea 9.7 SL 2017
Arnoglossus oxyrhynchus Sharp-snout lefteye flounder Western Pacific 22 TL 1969
Arnoglossus polyspilus Many-spotted lefteye flounder Eastern Indian Ocean and 24 TL 1880
Arnoglossus rueppelii Rüppell's scaldback Eastern Atlantic 15 SL 1844
Arnoglossus sayaensis Western Indian Ocean 14.7 SL 1990
Arnoglossus scapha Western Pacific 28.1 SL 1801
Arnoglossus septemventralis Western Central Pacific 2000
Arnoglossus tapeinosoma Drab flounder Indo-West Pacific 12.7 TL 1865
Arnoglossus tenuis Dwarf lefteye flounder Western Pacific 12 TL 1880
Arnoglossus thori Thor's scaldfish Eastern Atlantic 18 SL 1913
Arnoglossus waitei Waite's lefteye flounder Indo-West Pacific 13 TL 1926
Arnoglossus yamanakai Western Pacific 1988
Asterorhombus cocosensis Cocos Island flounder Indo-West Pacific 12.0 SL 1855
Asterorhombus filifer Longlure flounder Indo-Pacific 10.5 SL 2003
Asterorhombus intermedius Intermediate flounder Indo-Pacific 20 SL 1865
Bothus assimilis Northwest Pacific. 15 SL 1862
Bothus constellatus Pacific eyed flounder Western Pacific 15.7 TL 1889
Bothus ellipticus Western Central Atlantic 1860
Bothus guibei Guinean flounder Eastern Atlantic 28.6 TL 1966
Bothus leopardinus Pacific leopard flounder Eastern Central Pacific 23.5 TL 1862
Bothus lunatus Plate fish Western Atlantic 46 TL 1758
Bothus maculiferus Mottled flounder Western Central Atlantic 25 TL 1860
Bothus mancus Flowery flounder Indo-Pacific 51 NG 1782
Bothus mellissi St. Helena flounder Southeast Atlantic 22.3 TL 1931
Bothus myriaster Indo-Pacific oval flounder Indo-West Pacific 27 TL 1846
Bothus ocellatus Eyed flounder Western Atlantic 18 TL 1831
Bothus pantherinus Leopard flounder Indo-Pacific 39 TL 1830
Bothus podas Wide-eyed flounder Eastern Atlantic 45 TL 1809
Bothus robinsi Twospot flounder Western Atlantic 25 TL 1972
Bothus swio Western Indian Ocean 1997
Bothus tricirrhitus Western Indian Ocean 1977
Chascanopsetta crumenalis Eastern Central Pacific 1897
Chascanopsetta elski Western Indian Ocean 1991
Chascanopsetta kenyaensis Western Indian Ocean 1998
Chascanopsetta lugubris Pelican flounder Eastern Atlantic 40 TL 1894
Chascanopsetta megagnatha Southeast Pacific 24.6 SL 1990
Chascanopsetta micrognatha Western Pacific 27.4 SL 1984
Chascanopsetta prognatha Indo-Pacific 1939
Chascanopsetta prorigera Northwest Pacific 3 SL 1905
Crossorhombus azureus Blue flounder Indo-West Pacific 18 TL 1889
Crossorhombus howensis Lord Howe Island flounder Northwest Pacific 13 TL 1993
Crossorhombus kanekonis Northwest Pacific 1918
Crossorhombus kobensis Kobe flounder Northwest Pacific 12 TL 1906
Crossorhombus valderostratus Broadbrow flounder Indo-West Pacific. 14 TL 1890
Engyophrys sanctilaurentii Speckled-tail flounder Eastern Central Pacific 20 TL 1890
Engyophrys senta American spiny flounder Western Atlantic 10 TL 1933
Engyprosopon annulatus Western Pacific 1913
Engyprosopon arenicola Fringelip dwarf flounder Eastern Pacific 6.9 NG 1903
Engyprosopon bellonaensis Bellona flounder Western Central Pacific 7.2 SL 1993
Engyprosopon bleekeri Bleeker's flounder Western Central Pacific 8.4 SL 1881
Engyprosopon filipennis Northwest Pacific. 10.6 SL 1935
Engyprosopon grandisquama Largescale flounder Indo-Pacific 15 TL 1846
Engyprosopon hawaiiensis Eastern Central Pacific 1903
Engyprosopon hensleyi Western Indian Ocean 11.7 SL 1990
Engyprosopon hureaui Hureau's flounder Indo-West Pacific 5 SL 1990
Engyprosopon kushimotoensis Northwest Pacific 5.9 SL 2008
Engyprosopon latifrons Indo-West Pacific 8 SL 1908
Engyprosopon longipelvis Western Pacific 7 SL 1969
Engyprosopon longipterum Long pectoral fin flounder Western Central Pacific 8.6 SL 1993
Engyprosopon macrolepis Largescale dwarf flounder Indo-West Pacific 5.9 SL 1908
Engyprosopon maldivensis Olive wide-eyed flounder Indo-West Pacific 12.7 SL 1908
Engyprosopon marquisensis Central Pacific 6.5 SL 2005
Engyprosopon mogkii Indo-West Pacific 11 SL 1854
Engyprosopon mozambiquensis Indo-West Pacific 6.5 SL 2003
Engyprosopon multisquama Northwest Pacific 10.6 SL 1963
Engyprosopon natalensis Natal flounder Western Indian Ocean 6 SL 1920
Engyprosopon obliquioculatum Indo-West Pacific 7.6 SL 1934
Engyprosopon osculus Eastern Indian Ocean 10.3 SL 1998
Engyprosopon raoulensis Southwest Pacific 8.2 SL 1995
Engyprosopon regani Regan's flatfish Southeast Pacific 3.9 NG 1990
Engyprosopon rostratum Long snout flounder Western Central Pacific 7 SL 1993
Engyprosopon sechellensis Western Indian Ocean 7.6 SL 1908
Engyprosopon septempes Seven pelvic ray flounder Western Central Pacific 7.1 SL 1993
Engyprosopon vanuatuensis Western Pacific 5.6 SL 2005
Engyprosopon xenandrus Eastern Central Pacific 7.2 SL 1905
Engyprosopon xystrias Indo-West Pacific 16 SL 1915
Grammatobothus krempfi Krempf's flounder Western Pacific 18 TL 1929
Grammatobothus pennatus Pennant flounder Western Pacific 18 TL 1913
Grammatobothus polyophthalmus Threespot flounder Indo-West Pacific 21 TL 1865
Japonolaeops dentatus Western Pacific 20 SL 1969
Kamoharaia megastoma Wide-mouthed flounder Western Pacific 22.5 TL 1936
Laeops clarus Clear fin-base flounder Western Central Pacific 15.5 TL 1934
Laeops cypho Western Central Pacific 14.9 TL 1934
Laeops gracilis Philippine slender flounder Western Central Pacific 16.5 TL 1934
Laeops guentheri Günther's flounder Indo-West Pacific 14 TL 1890
Laeops kitaharae Indo-West Pacific 20 SL 1906
Laeops macrophthalmus Eastern Indian Ocean 1889
Laeops natalensis Khaki flounder Western Indian Ocean 14 TL 1931
Laeops nigrescens Indo-West Pacific 1907
Laeops nigromaculatus Blackspotted flounder Western Indian Ocean 21 TL 1922
Laeops parviceps Small headed flounder Western Pacific 14 TL 1880
Laeops pectoralis Longarm flounder Western Indian Ocean 19 TL 1922
Laeops sinusarabici Western Indian Ocean 10.4 SL 1968
Laeops tungkongensis Western Central Pacific 1965
Lophonectes gallus Crested flounder Western Pacific 20 Tl 1880
Lophonectes mongonuiensis Southwest Pacific 1914
Monolene antillarum Slim flounder Western Atlantic 11.8 NG 1933
Monolene asaedae Asaedae flounder Eastern Central Pacific 8 TL 1936
Monolene atrimana Western Central Atlantic. 1886
Monolene danae Eastern Pacific. 1937
Monolene dubiosa Acapulco flounder Eastern Central Pacific 7 TL 1899
Monolene helenensis Eastern Atlantic. North 20.8 SL 2000
Monolene maculipinna Pacific deepwater flounder Eastern Central Pacific 18 TL 1899
Monolene megalepis Western Atlantic. 1961
Monolene mertensi Marten's moonflounder Eastern Atlantic 10 TL 1959
Monolene microstoma Smallmouth moonflounder Eastern Atlantic 20.1 TL 1937
Monolene sessilicauda Deepwater flounder Western Atlantic 18 TL 1880
Neolaeops microphthalmus Crosseyed flounder Indo-West Pacific 21 SL 1922
Parabothus amaokai Southeast Pacific 1983
Parabothus budkeri Western Indian Ocean 1943
Parabothus chlorospilus Eastern Central Pacific 1905
Parabothus coarctatus Pacific Ocean 22.5 SL 1905
Parabothus filipes Western Pacific 8.8 SL 1997
Parabothus kiensis Indo-West Pacific 20.3 SL 1918
Parabothus malhensis Indian Ocean 1908
Parabothus polylepis Manyscaled flounder Western Indian Ocean 15 TL 1889
Parabothus taiwanensis Northwest Pacific 14.8 SL 1993
Perissias taeniopterus Striped-fin flounder Eastern Central Pacific 11 TL 1890
Psettina brevirictis Indo-West Pacific 8 SL 1890
Psettina filimana Northwest Pacific 9.5 SL 1982
Psettina gigantea Rough-scaled flounder Western Pacific 13 SL 1963
Psettina hainanensis Northwest Pacific 13 SL 1935
Psettina iijimae Western Pacific 8.5 SL 1904
Psettina multisquamea Western Indian Ocean 1988
Psettina profunda Western Central Pacific 11 SL 1913
Psettina senta Eastern Indian Ocean 7.7 SL 1999
Psettina tosana Northwest Pacific 1963
Psettina variegata Western Pacific 9.8 SL 1934
Taeniopsetta ocellata Indo-Pacific ocellated flounder Indo-West Pacific 11.4 SL 1880
Taeniopsetta radula Eastern Central Pacific 1905
Tosarhombus brevis Western Pacific 13.3 SL 1997
Tosarhombus longimanus Western Pacific 14.0 SL 1997
Tosarhombus neocaledonicus Western Pacific 18.3 SL 1991
Tosarhombus nielseni Western Indian Ocean 17.2 SL 1991
Tosarhombus octoculatus Northwest Pacific 1969
Tosarhombus smithi Western Indian Ocean 18 TL 1964
Trichopsetta caribbaea Caribbean flounder Western Atlantic 18 TL 1967
Trichopsetta melasma Western Atlantic 1967
Trichopsetta orbisulcus Western Central Atlantic 11.7 SL 1967
Trichopsetta ventralis Sash flounder Western Atlantic 20 TL 1885

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