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Family: Centrolophidae Medusafishes

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31 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Centrolophus niger Rudderfish North Atlantic 150 SL 1789
Hyperoglyphe antarctica Bluenose warehou Southwest Atlantic 140 TL 1819
Hyperoglyphe bythites Black driftfish Western Atlantic 60 TL 1954
Hyperoglyphe japonica Pacific barrelfish Northwest Pacific 90 TL 1884
Hyperoglyphe macrophthalma Southwest Atlantic 57 SL 1915
Hyperoglyphe perciformis Barrelfish Western Atlantic 91 TL 1818
Hyperoglyphe pringlei Black butterfish Southeast Atlantic 1949
Icichthys australis Southern driftfish Eastern Indian Ocean 81 TL 1966
Icichthys lockingtoni Medusafish North Pacific 46 TL 1880
Psenopsis anomala Pacific rudderfish Western Pacific 30 TL 1844
Psenopsis cyanea Indian ruff Western Indian Ocean 23.5 TL 1890
Psenopsis humerosa Blackspot butterfish Western Central Pacific 20 FL 1958
Psenopsis intermedia Western Indian Ocean 13.3 TL 1987
Psenopsis obscura Obscure ruff Indo-West Pacific 20 TL 1967
Psenopsis shojimai Northwest Pacific 14 SL 1965
Schedophilus griseolineatus Southwest Atlantic. 1937
Schedophilus haedrichi Mocosa ruff Eastern Pacific 75 TL 1973
Schedophilus huttoni New Zealand ruffe Southwest Pacific 90 TL 1910
Schedophilus maculatus Pelagic butterfish Southern Ocean 30 TL 1860
Schedophilus medusophagus Cornish blackfish Eastern Atlantic 55 TL 1839
Schedophilus ovalis Imperial blackfish Eastern Atlantic 100 TL 1833
Schedophilus pemarco Pemarco blackfish Eastern Atlantic 50 TL 1959
Schedophilus velaini Violet warehou Eastern Atlantic 100 TL 1879
Seriolella brama Common warehou Southwest Pacific 76 TL 1860
Seriolella caerulea White warehou Southwest Pacific 65 SL 1848
Seriolella porosa Choicy ruff Southeast Pacific 44 TL 1848
Seriolella punctata Silver warehou Eastern Indian Ocean 66 TL 1801
Seriolella tinro Southwestern Pacific 1973
Seriolella violacea Palm ruff Southeast Pacific 65 TL 1848
Tubbia stewarti Seamount Rudderfish Southwest Pacific 56 SL 2013
Tubbia tasmanica Tasmanian ruffe Southern Ocean 67 TL 1943

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