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Family: Siganidae Rabbitfishes

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29 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Siganus argenteus Streamlined spinefoot Indo-Pacific 40 TL 1825
Siganus canaliculatus White-spotted spinefoot Indo-West Pacific 40 TL 1797
Siganus corallinus Blue-spotted spinefoot Indo-West Pacific 35 SL 1835
Siganus doliatus Barred spinefoot Western Pacific 25 SL 1838
Siganus fuscescens Mottled spinefoot Western Pacific 40 TL 1782
Siganus guttatus Orange-spotted spinefoot Eastern Indian Ocean and 42 TL 1787
Siganus insomnis Bronze-lined rabbitfish. Indian Ocean 35 SL 2014
Siganus javus Streaked spinefoot Indo-Pacific 53 TL 1766
Siganus labyrinthodes Labyrinth spinefoot Western Central Pacific 25 TL 1853
Siganus lineatus Golden-lined spinefoot Indo-West Pacific 43 TL 1835
Siganus luridus Dusky spinefoot Western Indian Ocean 30 TL 1829
Siganus magnificus Magnificent rabbitfish Eastern Indian Ocean 24 SL 1977
Siganus niger Black foxface Eastern Central Pacific 22 TL 1990
Siganus puelloides Blackeye rabbitfish Indian Ocean 31 TL 1979
Siganus puellus Masked spinefoot Indo-West Pacific 38 TL 1852
Siganus punctatissimus Peppered spinefoot Western Pacific 35 SL 1929
Siganus punctatus Goldspotted spinefoot Western Pacific 40 TL 1801
Siganus randalli Variegated spinefoot Western Pacific 33.5 FL 1990
Siganus rivulatus Marbled spinefoot Western Indian Ocean 27 TL 1775
Siganus spinus Little spinefoot Indo-West Pacific 28 TL 1758
Siganus stellatus Brown-spotted spinefoot Indian Ocean 40 TL 1775
Siganus sutor Shoemaker spinefoot Indiant Ocean 45 SL 1835
Siganus trispilos Threeblotched rabbitfish Eastern Indian Ocean 25 TL 1977
Siganus unimaculatus Blotched foxface Western Pacific 20 SL 1907
Siganus uspi Bicolored foxface Western Pacific 24 TL 1974
Siganus vermiculatus Vermiculated spinefoot Indo-West Pacific 45 TL 1835
Siganus virgatus Barhead spinefoot Indo-West Pacific 30 TL 1835
Siganus vulpinus Foxface Western Pacific 25 SL 1845
Siganus woodlandi Western Pacific 25.2 SL 2005

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