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Family: Microdesmidae Wormfishes

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89 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Aioliops brachypterus Shortfin minidartfish Western Central Pacific. 2.4 TL 1987
Aioliops megastigma Bigspot minidartfish Western Central Pacific. 3 SL 1987
Aioliops novaeguineae New guinea minidartfish Western Central Pacific 2.3 TL 1987
Aioliops tetrophthalmus Western Central Pacific. 1987
Cerdale fasciata Southwest Atlantic 3.8 SL 1974
Cerdale floridana Pugjaw wormfish Western Atlantic 9 TL 1934
Cerdale ionthas Spotted worm goby Eastern Central Pacific 7.5 TL 1882
Cerdale paludicola Eastern Pacific 1974
Cerdale prolata Eastern Central Pacific 1974
Clarkichthys bilineatus Flagtail wormfish Eastern Central Pacific 6.2 SL 1936
Gunnellichthys copleyi Western Indian Ocean. 1951
Gunnellichthys curiosus Curious wormfish Indo-Pacific 12 SL 1968
Gunnellichthys grandoculis Western Central Pacific. 1911
Gunnellichthys irideus Western Indian Ocean 1958
Gunnellichthys monostigma Onespot wormfish Indo-Pacific 15 SL 1958
Gunnellichthys pleurotaenia Onestripe wormfish Western Central Pacific 12 SL 1858
Gunnellichthys viridescens Yellowstripe wormfish Indo-Pacific 12 SL 1968
Microdesmus aethiopicus Eastern Central Atlantic 5.7 SL 1927
Microdesmus affinis Olivaceous wormfish Eastern Central Pacific. 1928
Microdesmus africanus Eastern Central Atlantic 7.5 SL 1979
Microdesmus bahianus Western Atlantic 5.1 SL 1973
Microdesmus carri Stippled wormfish Western Central Atlantic 5.3 SL 1966
Microdesmus dipus Banded worm goby Eastern Central Pacific 8.8 SL 1864
Microdesmus dorsipunctatus Spotback wormfish Eastern Central Pacific 1968
Microdesmus hildebrandi Eastern Pacific 1936
Microdesmus intermedius Eastern Pacific 1928
Microdesmus knappi Eastern Pacific 1972
Microdesmus lanceolatus Lancetail wormfish Western Atlantic 6 TL 1962
Microdesmus longipinnis Pink wormfish Western Atlantic 27 TL 1910
Microdesmus luscus Blind wormfish Western Atlantic 4.6 SL 1977
Microdesmus multiradiatus Eastern Pacific 1928
Microdesmus retropinnis Rearfin wormfish Eastern Central Pacific 11 TL 1882
Microdesmus suttkusi Spotside wormfish Eastern Central Pacific 10.5 SL 1966
Navigobius dewa Northwest Pacific 4.1 SL 2009
Navigobius vittatus Brunei dartfish Western Pacific 2.3 SL 2015
Nemateleotris decora Elegant firefish Indo-Pacific 9 TL 1973
Nemateleotris exquisita Indian Ocean 6.6 SL 2013
Nemateleotris helfrichi Helfrichs' dartfish Pacific Ocean 6 TL 1973
Nemateleotris magnifica Fire goby Indo-Pacific 9 TL 1938
Oxymetopon compressus Robust ribbongoby Western Pacific 24 SL 1966
Oxymetopon cyanoctenosum Blue-barred ribbon goby Western Pacific 20 TL 1981
Oxymetopon filamentosum Western Pacific 1967
Oxymetopon formosum Western Pacific 1967
Oxymetopon typus Sailfin ribbon-goby Western Central Pacific. 18 SL 1861
Paragunnellichthys seychellensis Seychelle's wormfish Indo-West Pacific 1967
Paragunnellichthys springeri Western Indian Ocean 1970
Parioglossus aporos Poreless dartfish Pacific Ocean. 3.1 TL 1985
Parioglossus caeruleolineatus Northwest Pacific 2.7 SL 2010
Parioglossus dotui Western Pacific 4 SL 1958
Parioglossus formosus Beautiful hover goby Western Pacific 4.5 SL 1931
Parioglossus galzini Eastern Central Pacific 2.4 SL 2004
Parioglossus interruptus Interrupted dartfish Western Pacific 2.5 SL 1994
Parioglossus lineatus Lined hover goby Western Central Pacific 1985
Parioglossus marginalis Southwest Pacific. 3.3 SL 1985
Parioglossus multiradiatus Western Indian Ocean 3.5 SL 2004
Parioglossus neocaledonicus Western Pacific. 1992
Parioglossus nudus Naked hover goby Western Central Pacific 2 SL 1985
Parioglossus palustris Borneo hoverer Western Pacific 2.8 SL 1945
Parioglossus philippinus Philippine dartfish Indo-West Pacific. 3.5 SL 1945
Parioglossus rainfordi Rainford's dartfish Western Pacific 1921
Parioglossus raoi Rao's hover goby Indo-West Pacific 3.5 SL 1939
Parioglossus senoui Western Pacific 2.3 SL 2010
Parioglossus sinensis Northwest Pacific 1994
Parioglossus taeniatus Taeniatus dartfish Indo-West Pacific 1912
Parioglossus triquetrus Western Pacific Ocean 1985
Parioglossus verticalis Vertical hover goby Western Central Pacific 1985
Parioglossus winterbottomi Eastern Indian Ocean 2010
Ptereleotris arabica Arabian dartfish Western Indian Ocean 11.2 SL 1985
Ptereleotris brachyptera Lowfin dartfish Western Central Pacific 5.8 SL 2008
Ptereleotris caeruleomarginata Bluemargin dartfish Eastern Indian Ocean 6.1 2012
Ptereleotris calliura Blue goby Western Atlantic 12.5 TL 1882
Ptereleotris carinata Panamic dartfish Eastern Central Pacific 2001
Ptereleotris crossogenion Fringechin dartfish Western Pacific 4.1 SL 2008
Ptereleotris evides Blackfin dartfish Indo-Pacific 14 TL 1925
Ptereleotris grammica Lined dartfish Indo-West Pacific 10 TL 1982
Ptereleotris hanae Blue hana goby Pacific Ocean 12 TL 1901
Ptereleotris helenae Hovering goby Western Atlantic 12 TL 1968
Ptereleotris heteroptera Blacktail goby Indo-Pacific 14 TL 1855
Ptereleotris kallista Beautiful Dartfish Western Pacific 8.4 SL 2008
Ptereleotris lineopinnis Sad glider Indo-West Pacific 11.5 TL 1935
Ptereleotris melanopogon Eastern Central Pacific 10.3 SL 1985
Ptereleotris microlepis Blue gudgeon Indo-Pacific 13 TL 1856
Ptereleotris monoptera Lyre-tail dart-goby Indo-Pacific 12 SL 1985
Ptereleotris randalli Brazilian dartfish Southwest Atlantic 8.7 SL 2001
Ptereleotris rubristigma Redspot dartfish Western Pacific 2012
Ptereleotris uroditaenia Flagtail dartfish Western Central Pacific 10 SL 1985
Ptereleotris zebra Chinese zebra goby Indo-Pacific 12 SL 1938
Pterocerdale insolita Oceania 43.5 SL 2009
Zagadkogobius ourlazon Western Pacific 1.8 SL 2017

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