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Family: Stichaeidae Pricklebacks

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71 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Acantholumpenus mackayi Pighead prickleback North Pacific 70 SL 1896
Alectrias alectrolophus Stone cockscomb Northwest Pacific 10 SL 1814
Alectrias benjamini Spiny cockscomb Northwest Pacific 10 SL 1902
Alectrias cirratus Ciliate cockscomb Northwest Pacific 10 TL 1938
Alectrias gallinus Shaggy cockscomb Northwest Pacific 1938
Alectrias markevichi Northwest Pacific 6.6 SL 2012
Alectrias mutsuensis Maned cockscomb Northwest Pacific 8.2 SL 1985
Alectridium aurantiacum Lesser prickleback North Pacific 13.3 SL 1912
Anisarchus macrops Northwest Pacific 17 TL 1952
Anisarchus medius Stout eelblenny North Pacific 30 TL 1837
Anoplarchus insignis Slender cockscomb Eastern Pacific 12 TL 1912
Anoplarchus purpurescens High cockscomb Eastern Pacific 20 TL 1861
Askoldia variegata Northwest Pacific 45 SL 1910
Azygopterus corallinus Northwest Pacific 1955
Bryozoichthys lysimus Nutcracker prickleback North Pacific 27 TL 1902
Bryozoichthys marjorius Pearly prickleback Northeast Pacific 30 TL 1970
Cebidichthys violaceus Monkeyface prickleback Eastern Pacific 76 TL 1854
Chirolophis ascanii Yarrell's blenny Northeast Atlantic 25 SL 1792
Chirolophis decoratus Decorated warbonnet North Pacific 42 TL 1902
Chirolophis japonicus Northwest Pacific 55 TL 1890
Chirolophis nugator Mosshead warbonnet Eastern Pacific 15 TL 1895
Chirolophis saitone Northwest Pacific 10 SL 1902
Chirolophis snyderi Bearded warbonnet Northwest Pacific and adj 20 SL 1938
Chirolophis tarsodes Matcheek warbonnet Northeast Pacific 19 TL 1902
Chirolophis wui Northwest Pacific 1935
Dictyosoma burgeri Northwest Pacific 25 SL 1855
Dictyosoma rubrimaculatum Northwest Pacific 17.9 SL 1978
Dictyosoma tongyeongensis Korean prickleback Northwest Pacific 28 SL 2012
Ernogrammus hexagrammus Six-lined prickleback Northwest Pacific 15 SL 1845
Ernogrammus walkeri Masked prickleback Eastern Central Pacific 28.8 SL 1988
Ernogrammus zhirmunskii Seven-lined prickleback Northwest Pacific 7.5 SL 2011
Esselenichthys carli Threeline prickleback Eastern Central Pacific 17.1 SL 1990
Esselenichthys laurae Twoline prickleback Eastern Central Pacific 9.7 SL 1990
Eumesogrammus praecisus Fourline snakeblenny Western Atlantic 22 TL 1836
Gymnoclinus cristulatus Trident prickleback Northwest Pacific 12 TL 1912
Kasatkia memorabilis Northwest Pacific 10 TL 1916
Kasatkia seigeli Six-spot prickleback Eastern Central Pacific 8.2 SL 1999
Leptoclinus maculatus Daubed shanny Circumpolar 20 TL 1838
Leptostichaeus pumilus Neck banded blenny Northwest Pacific 7.8 SL 1985
Lumpenella longirostris Longsnout prickleback North Pacific 42 TL 1907
Lumpenopsis clitella Saddled prickleback Eastern Central Pacific 5.5 SL 2003
Lumpenopsis hypochroma Y-prickleback Eastern Pacific 7.6 TL 1932
Lumpenopsis pavlenkoi Northwest Pacific 10 SL 1916
Lumpenopsis triocellata Northwest Pacific 11 SL 1943
Lumpenus fabricii Slender eelblenny Circumpolar. Arctic, Nor 36.5 NG 1836
Lumpenus lampretaeformis Snakeblenny North Atlantic 50 TL 1792
Lumpenus sagitta Snake prickleback North Pacific 51 TL 1956
Neolumpenus unocellatus Northwest Pacific 13.2 SL 1987
Opisthocentrus ocellatus Ocellated blenny Northwest Pacific 20 SL 1811
Opisthocentrus tenuis Northwest Pacific 15 SL 1897
Opisthocentrus zonope Northwest Pacific 12 TL 1902
Pholidapus dybowskii Northwest Pacific 46 TL 1880
Phytichthys chirus Ribbon prickleback Eastern Pacific 20 TL 1880
Plagiogrammus hopkinsii Crisscross prickleback Eastern Pacific 20 TL 1894
Plectobranchus evides Bluebarred prickleback Eastern Pacific 13 TL 1890
Poroclinus rothrocki Whitebarred prickleback Eastern Pacific 25 TL 1890
Pseudalectrias tarasovi Northwest Pacific 14 TL 1933
Soldatovia polyactocephala Northwest Pacific 42 TL 1814
Stichaeopsis epallax Northwest Pacific 30 SL 1902
Stichaeopsis nana Northwest Pacific 25 SL 1870
Stichaeopsis nevelskoi Northwest Pacific 1904
Stichaeus fuscus Northwest Pacific 7.9 SL 1986
Stichaeus grigorjewi Northwest Pacific 60 TL 1890
Stichaeus nozawae Northwest Pacific 60 TL 1902
Stichaeus ochriamkini Northwest Pacific 40 TL 1935
Stichaeus punctatus pulcherrimus Northwest Pacific 1935
Stichaeus punctatus punctatus Arctic shanny North Pacific 22 TL 1780
Ulvaria subbifurcata Radiated shanny Northwest Atlantic 18 TL 1839
Xenolumpenus longipterus Northwest Pacific 11.5 SL 2009
Xiphister atropurpureus Black prickleback Eastern Pacific 30.5 TL 1858
Xiphister mucosus Rock prickleback Eastern Pacific 58 TL 1858

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