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Family: Pinguipedidae Sandperches

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Kochichthys flavofasciatus Pacific 16 SL 1936
Parapercis albipinna Western Pacific 14.2 SL 2008
Parapercis albiventer Whitebelly sandperch Western Indian Ocean 16.8 SL 2014
Parapercis alboguttata Whitespot sandsmelt Indo-West Pacific 27 TL 1872
Parapercis allporti Barred grubfish Eastern Indian Ocean 33 TL 1876
Parapercis altipinnis Karen's sandperch Western Central Pacific 5.0 SL 2017
Parapercis atlantica Eastern Atlantic 14.3 SL 1887
Parapercis aurantiaca Northwest Pacific 17 SL 1884
Parapercis australis Western Central Pacific 9.2 SL 2003
Parapercis banoni Southeastern Atlantic 19.2 SL 2006
Parapercis basimaculata Northwest Pacific 7.8 SL 2008
Parapercis bicoloripes Western Pacific 15.5 SL 2010
Parapercis bimacula Redbar sandperch Indo-West Pacific 10.0 SL 2012
Parapercis binivirgata Redbanded weever Pacific 1904
Parapercis binotata Solomons sandperch Western Pacific 5.7 SL 2017
Parapercis biordinis Indo-West Pacific 1976
Parapercis caudopellucida Andaman sandperch Eastern Indian Ocean 10.5 SL 2017
Parapercis clathrata Latticed sandperch Indo-West Pacific 24 TL 1910
Parapercis colemani Pacific 8.2 SL 1993
Parapercis colias New Zealand blue cod Southwest Pacific 45 TL 1801
Parapercis compressa Western Pacific 8.7 SL 2008
Parapercis cylindrica Cylindrical sandperch Western Pacific 23 TL 1792
Parapercis decemfasciata Northwest Pacific 15 SL 1910
Parapercis diagonalis Diagonal sandperch Western Pacific 15 TL 2008
Parapercis diplospilus Doublespot grubfish Indo-West Pacific 10 TL 1981
Parapercis dockinsi Southeastern Pacific 17.2 SL 1971
Parapercis filamentosa Threadfin sandperch Western Pacific 18 TL 1878
Parapercis flavescens Western Central Pacific 8.9 TL 1979
Parapercis flavipinna Yellowfin sandperch Western Pacific 11.6 SL 2017
Parapercis flavolabiata Yellowlip grubfish Western Pacific 9.1 SL 2006
Parapercis flavolineata Yellowline sandperch Western Pacific 14 TL 2008
Parapercis fuscolineata Western Central Pacific 1985
Parapercis gilliesii Yellow weaver Southwest Pacific 1879
Parapercis haackei Wavy grubfish Eastern Indian Ocean 10 TL 1884
Parapercis hexophtalma Speckled sandperch Indo-Pacific. 29 TL 1829
Parapercis hoi Ho's sandperch Indo-West Pacific 6.1 SL 2017
Parapercis kamoharai Northwest Pacific 20 SL 1966
Parapercis katoi Northwest Pacific 17.7 SL 2008
Parapercis kentingensis Kenting sandperch Pacific Ocean 13.1 SL 2012
Parapercis lata Y-Barred Sandperch Eastern Central Pacific 21.2 SL 2002
Parapercis lineopunctata Nosestripe sandperch Western Pacific 7.6 SL 2003
Parapercis lutevittata Yellow-striped sandperch Pacific Ocean 15.0 SL 2011
Parapercis macrophthalma Narrow barred grubfish Western Pacific 14 TL 1911
Parapercis maculata Harlequin sandperch Western Indian Ocean. 20 TL 1801
Parapercis maramara Indian Ocean 10.8 SL 2012
Parapercis maritzi Western Indian Ocean 18.5 SL 1992
Parapercis millepunctata Black dotted sand perch Indo-Pacific 18 TL 1860
Parapercis multifasciata Gold-birdled sandsmelt Northwest Pacific 18 SL 1884
Parapercis multiplicata Redbarred sandperch Western Pacific 15 TL 1984
Parapercis muronis Western Pacific 12 SL 1918
Parapercis natator Northwest Pacific 8.9 SL 2008
Parapercis nebulosa Barred sandperch Indo-West Pacific 25 TL 1825
Parapercis okamurai Northwest Pacific 13 SL 1960
Parapercis ommatura Northwest Pacific 11 SL 1902
Parapercis pacifica Western Pacific 18.6 SL 2007
Parapercis phenax Northwest Pacific 18 SL 2006
Parapercis pulchella Harlequin sandsmelt Northwest Pacific 20 TL 1843
Parapercis punctata Western Indian Ocean. 14.3 SL 1829
Parapercis punctulata Spotted sandperch Western Indian Ocean 13 TL 1829
Parapercis queenslandica Western Pacific 20.8 SL 2007
Parapercis ramsayi Spotted grubfish Eastern Indian Ocean 20 TL 1883
Parapercis randalli Northwest Pacific 10.7 SL 2010
Parapercis robinsoni Smallscale grubfish Western Indian Ocean 30 TL 1929
Parapercis roseoviridis Pacific Ocean 15.9 SL 1905
Parapercis rubricaudalis Redtail sandperch Indo-West Pacific 6.9 SL 2017
Parapercis rubromaculata Redspot sandperch Pacific 11.4 SL 2012
Parapercis rufa Western Central Pacific 2001
Parapercis sagma Saddled sandperch Western Pacific 7.2 SL 2012
Parapercis schauinslandii Redspotted sandperch Indo-Pacific 18 TL 1900
Parapercis sexfasciata Grub fish Western Pacific 12 TL 1843
Parapercis sexlorata Sixstrap grubfish Western Pacific 12 SL 2006
Parapercis shaoi Northwest Pacific 15.3 SL 2008
Parapercis signata Blackflag sandperch Western Indian Ocean 13 TL 1984
Parapercis simulata Western Indian Ocean 1968
Parapercis snyderi U-mark sandperch Western Pacific 11 TL 1905
Parapercis soliorta Sunrise sandperch Western Pacific 11.3 SL 2017
Parapercis somaliensis Somali sandperch Western Indian Ocean. 15 TL 1968
Parapercis stricticeps White-streaked grubfish Western Pacific 18 TL 1884
Parapercis striolata Western Central Pacific 20 SL 1913
Parapercis tetracantha Reticulated sandperch Indo-West Pacific 26 TL 1801
Parapercis vittafrons Bandhead sandperch Western Pacific 9 SL 2008
Parapercis xanthogramma Central Pacific 17.4 SL 2007
Parapercis xanthozona Yellowbar sandperch Indo-West Pacific 23 TL 1849
Pinguipes brasilianus Brazilian sandperch Southwest Atlantic 70 TL 1829
Pinguipes chilensis Chilean sandperch Southeast Pacific 51 TL 1833
Prolatilus jugularis Pacific sandperch Southeast Pacific 40 TL 1833
Pseudopercis numida Namorado sandperch Southwest Atlantic 120 TL 1903
Pseudopercis semifasciata Argentinian sandperch Southwest Atlantic 100 TL 1829
Ryukyupercis gushikeni Rosy grubfish Western Pacific 30 SL 1975
Simipercis trispinosa Threespine grubfish Western Pacific 13.5 SL 2006

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