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Family: Percichthyidae Temperate perches

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38 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Bostockia porosa Nightfish Oceania 15 SL 1873
Coreoperca herzi Asia 18 TL 1896
Coreoperca kawamebari Asia 11 SL 1843
Coreoperca liui Asia 11.7 SL 2013
Coreoperca loona Asia 1939
Coreoperca whiteheadi Asia 21.8 SL 1900
Gadopsis bispinosus Twospine blackfish Oceania 32 SL 1984
Gadopsis marmoratus River blackfish Oceania 60 TL 1848
Guyu wujalwujalensis Oceania 10.1 SL 2001
Maccullochella ikei Clarence river cod Oceania 66 SL 1986
Maccullochella macquariensis Trout cod Oceania 85 SL 1829
Maccullochella mariensis Mary River cod Oceania 1993
Maccullochella peelii Murray cod Oceania 180 SL 1838
Macquaria ambigua Golden perch Oceania 76 SL 1845
Macquaria australasica Macquarie perch Oceania 46 SL 1830
Macquaria colonorum Estuary perch Oceania 75 SL 1863
Macquaria novemaculeata Australian bass Oceania 60 TL 1866
Nannatherina balstoni Balston's pygmy perch Oceania 9 SL 1906
Nannoperca australis Southern pygmy perch Oceania 8.5 TL 1861
Nannoperca obscura Yarra pygmy perch Oceania 7.5 TL 1872
Nannoperca oxleyana Oxleyan pygmy perch Oceania 7.5 SL 1940
Nannoperca pygmaea Little Pygmy Perch Oceania 3.9 SL 2013
Nannoperca variegata Ewens pygmy perch Oceania 6.5 SL 1986
Nannoperca vittata Western pygmy perch Oceania 8 TL 1873
Percichthys chilensis Asia 1855
Percichthys colhuapiensis Largemouth perch South America 59.1 TL 1955
Percichthys laevis South America 22 SL 1840
Percichthys melanops South America 20 TL 1855
Percichthys trucha Creole perch South America 40 TL 1833
Siniperca chuatsi Mandarin fish Asia 70 TL 1855
Siniperca fortis Asia 1932
Siniperca knerii Big-eye mandarin fish Asia 35.5 TL 1912
Siniperca liuzhouensis Asia 1987
Siniperca obscura Asia 1930
Siniperca roulei Asia 20 NG 1930
Siniperca scherzeri Leopard mandarin fish Asia 37.4 TL 1892
Siniperca undulata Asia 15 TL 1932
Siniperca vietnamensis Asia 1978

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