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Family: Agonidae Poachers

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Agonomalus jordani Northwest Pacific 18 TL 1904
Agonomalus mozinoi Kelp poacher Eastern Pacific 8.9 TL 1979
Agonomalus proboscidalis Northwest Pacific 20 TL 1858
Agonopsis asperoculis Southwest Atlantic 1916
Agonopsis chiloensis Snailfish Southeast Pacific 12.5 SL 1840
Agonopsis sterletus Southern spearnose poacher Eastern Central Pacific 15 TL 1898
Agonopsis vulsa Northern spearnose poacher Eastern Pacific 20 TL 1880
Agonus cataphractus Hooknose Northeast Atlantic 21 TL 1758
Anoplagonus inermis Smooth alligatorfish North Pacific 15 TL 1860
Anoplagonus occidentalis Northwest Pacific 10 SL 1950
Aspidophoroides monopterygius Alligatorfish Northwest Atlantic 22 TL 1786
Aspidophoroides olrikii Arctic alligatorfish Arctic to Northwest Atlan 8.6 TL 1877
Bathyagonus alascanus Gray starsnout Eastern Pacific 13 TL 1896
Bathyagonus infraspinatus Spinycheek starsnout Eastern Pacific 12 TL 1904
Bathyagonus nigripinnis Blackfin poacher North Pacific 24.2 TL 1890
Bathyagonus pentacanthus Bigeye poacher North Pacific 23 TL 1890
Bothragonus occidentalis Northwest Pacific 7 TL 1935
Bothragonus swanii Rockhead Eastern Pacific 8.9 TL 1876
Brachyopsis segaliensis Northwest Pacific 30 TL 1809
Chesnonia verrucosa Warty poacher Northeast Pacific 20 TL 1880
Freemanichthys thompsoni Northwest Pacific 22 TL 1898
Hypsagonus corniger Northwest Pacific 10 TL 1933
Hypsagonus quadricornis Fourhorn poacher North Pacific 12 TL 1829
Leptagonus decagonus Atlantic poacher Arctic to Northwest Atlan 21 TL 1801
Occella dodecaedron Bering poacher North Pacific 21.6 SL 1813
Occella iburia Northwest Pacific 21.2 SL 1904
Occella kasawae Northwest Pacific 1925
Occella kuronumai Northwest Pacific 1951
Odontopyxis trispinosa Pygmy poacher Eastern Pacific 9.5 TL 1880
Pallasina barbata Tubenose poacher North Pacific 17 TL 1876
Percis japonica Dragon poacher North Pacific 42 TL 1769
Percis matsuii Northwest Pacific 15 SL 1936
Podothecus accipenserinus Sturgeon poacher North Pacific 30.5 TL 1813
Podothecus hamlini Northwest Pacific 17 TL 1898
Podothecus sachi Snail-fin poacher Northwest Pacific 50 TL 1901
Podothecus sturioides Northwest Pacific 29 TL 1869
Podothecus veternus Northwest Pacific 28 TL 1895
Sarritor frenatus Sawback poacher North Pacific 27 TL 1896
Sarritor knipowitschi Northwest Pacific 14.4 SL 1937
Sarritor leptorhynchus Longnose poacher North Pacific 25 TL 1896
Stellerina xyosterna Pricklebreast poacher Eastern Pacific 16 TL 1880
Tilesina gibbosa Northwest Pacific 36 TL 1904
Xeneretmus latifrons Blacktip poacher Eastern Pacific 19 TL 1890
Xeneretmus leiops Smooth-eye poacher Eastern Pacific 24 TL 1915
Xeneretmus ritteri Stripefin poacher Eastern Central Pacific 16 TL 1915
Xeneretmus triacanthus Bluespotted poacher Eastern Pacific 18 TL 1890

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