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Family: Psychrolutidae Fatheads

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Ambophthalmos angustus Pale toadfish Southwest Pacific 29 SL 1977
Ambophthalmos eurystigmatephoros Southwest Pacific 26.2 SL 1999
Ambophthalmos magnicirrus Southwest Pacific 25 SL 1977
Cottunculus granulosus Fathead Southwest Atlantic 21.7 SL 1968
Cottunculus konstantinovi Northeast Atlantic 1991
Cottunculus microps Polar sculpin North Atlantic 30 SL 1875
Cottunculus nudus Bonyskull toadfish Southwest Pacific 1989
Cottunculus sadko Arctic to Northeast Atlan 19 TL 1937
Cottunculus spinosus Southeast Atlantic 4.5 TL 1906
Cottunculus thomsonii Pallid sculpin Atlantic Ocean 43 TL 1882
Cottunculus tubulosus Northeast Atlantic 4.7 SL 2007
Dasycottus setiger Spinyhead sculpin North Pacific 73 TL 1890
Ebinania australiae Eastern Indian Ocean 41.2 SL 2006
Ebinania brephocephala Northwest Pacific 15 SL 1903
Ebinania costaecanariae Eastern Atlantic 30 TL 1961
Ebinania gyrinoides Western Central Pacific 1913
Ebinania macquariensis Macquarie blobfish Southern Ocean 12.0 SL 1982
Ebinania malacocephala Southern Ocean 22 SL 1982
Ebinania vermiculata Northwest Pacific 30 SL 1932
Eurymen bassargini Northwest Pacific 36 TL 1930
Eurymen gyrinus Smoothcheek sculpin North Pacific 39 TL 1912
Gilbertidia dolganovi Northwest Pacific 1993
Gilbertidia pustulosa North Pacific 7.6 SL 1937
Malacocottus aleuticus Whitetail sculpin North Pacific 9.8 TL 1904
Malacocottus gibber Northwest Pacific 20 TL 1930
Malacocottus kincaidi Blackfin sculpin North Pacific 20 TL 1905
Malacocottus zonurus Darkfin sculpin North Pacific 35 SL 1890
Neophrynichthys heterospilos Southwest Pacific 2000
Neophrynichthys latus Dark toadfish Southwest Pacific 21.5 SL 1875
Psychrolutes inermis Eastern Atlantic 35.8 SL 1888
Psychrolutes macrocephalus Southeast Atlantic 30 TL 1904
Psychrolutes marcidus Smooth-head blobfish Southwest Pacific 30 TL 1926
Psychrolutes marmoratus Southeast Pacific and Sou 31.9 SL 1889
Psychrolutes microporos Southwest Pacific 1995
Psychrolutes occidentalis Western Australian sculpin Eastern Indian Ocean 11.5 SL 1990
Psychrolutes paradoxus Tadpole sculpin North Pacific 7 TL 1861
Psychrolutes phrictus Blob sculpin North Pacific 70 TL 1978
Psychrolutes sigalutes Soft sculpin Northeast Pacific 8.3 TL 1895
Psychrolutes sio Southeast Pacific 1980
Psychrolutes subspinosus Northeast Atlantic 12 SL 1902

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