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Family: Platycephalidae Flatheads

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Ambiserrula jugosa Mud flathead Southwest Pacific 12.1 SL 1914
Cociella crocodilus Crocodile flathead Indo-West Pacific 50 TL 1829
Cociella heemstrai Western Indian Ocean 1996
Cociella hutchinsi Brownmargin flathead Southwest Pacific 30 TL 1996
Cociella punctata Spotted flathead Indo-West Pacific 35 TL 1829
Cociella somaliensis Western Indian Ocean 1996
Cymbacephalus beauforti Crocodile fish Western Pacific 50 TL 1973
Cymbacephalus bosschei Small-eyed flathead Western Central Pacific 45 TL 1860
Cymbacephalus nematophthalmus Fringe-eyed flathead Western Central Pacific 58 TL 1860
Cymbacephalus staigeri Northern rock flathead Western Central Pacific 50 TL 1875
Elates ransonnettii Dwarf flathead Western Central Pacific 19 TL 1876
Grammoplites knappi Western Pacific 30 TL 1994
Grammoplites scaber Rough flathead Indo-West Pacific 30 TL 1758
Grammoplites suppositus Spotfin flathead Indian Ocean 31 TL 1840
Inegocia harrisii Harris's flathead Indo-West Pacific 24 TL 1914
Inegocia japonica Japanese flathead Indo-West Pacific 35 TL 1829
Inegocia ochiaii East Asia 44.4 SL 2010
Kumococius rodericensis Spiny flathead Indo-West Pacific 25 TL 1829
Leviprora inops Longhead flathead Eastern Indian Ocean 29.2 SL 1840
Onigocia bimaculata Two-spotted flathead Indo-Pacific 6.6 SL 2000
Onigocia grandisquama Indo-West Pacific 6.2 SL 1908
Onigocia lacrimalis Smooth-snout flathead Pacific South West 14.4 SL 2009
Onigocia macrolepis Notched flathead Indo-West Pacific 15 TL 1854
Onigocia oligolepis Large-scale flathead Indo-West Pacific 10 TL 1908
Onigocia pedimacula Broadband flathead Indo-West Pacific 11 TL 1908
Onigocia sibogae Indo-West Pacific 2011
Onigocia spinosa Midget flathead Western Pacific 25 TL 1843
Papilloculiceps longiceps Tentacled flathead Western Indian Ocean 70 TL 1829
Platycephalus aurimaculatus Toothy flathead Eastern Indian Ocean 55 TL 1987
Platycephalus bassensis Southern sand flathead Indo-Pacific 46 TL 1829
Platycephalus caeruleopunctatus Blue-spotted flathead Southwest Pacific 45 TL 1922
Platycephalus chauliodous Bigtooth flathead Eastern Indian Ocean 1991
Platycephalus conatus Deepwater flathead Indo-Pacific 94 TL 1915
Platycephalus cultellatus Northwest Pacific 1846
Platycephalus endrachtensis Bar-tailed flathead Eastern Indian Ocean to W 45 TL 1825
Platycephalus fuscus Dusky flathead Western Pacific 120 TL 1829
Platycephalus grandispinis Longspine flathead Eastern Indian Ocean 38 TL 1829
Platycephalus indicus Bartail flathead Indo-West Pacific 100 TL 1758
Platycephalus laevigatus Rock flathead Indo-West Pacific 50 TL 1829
Platycephalus marmoratus Marbled flathead Indo-West Pacific 36 TL 1908
Platycephalus micracanthus Western Indian Ocean 1873
Platycephalus orbitalis Western-Australian flathead Easrtern Indian Ocean 33.3 2009
Platycephalus richardsoni Tiger flathead Southwest Pacific 65 TL 1872
Platycephalus speculator Southern bluespotted flathead Eastern Indian Ocean 90 TL 1872
Platycephalus westraliae Eastern Indian Ocean to W 55.3 SL 1938
Ratabulus diversidens Freespine flathead Indo-West Pacific 39.1 SL 1914
Ratabulus fulviguttatus Orange-freckled flathead Eastern Indian Ocean to W 26.6 SL 2010
Ratabulus megacephalus North Western Pacific 35 TL 1917
Ratabulus ventralis Western Pacific 32.8 SL 2010
Rogadius asper Olive-tailed flathead Indo-West Pacific 17 TL 1829
Rogadius fehlmanni Western Indian Ocean 11.2 SL 2012
Rogadius mcgroutheri McGrouther’s flathead Western Central Pacific 14.6 SL 2007
Rogadius patriciae Black-banded flathead Western Pacific 27 TL 1987
Rogadius pristiger Thorny flathead Indo-West Pacific 50 TL 1829
Rogadius serratus Serrated flathead Indo-West Pacific 24 TL 1829
Rogadius welanderi Welander's flathead Indo-Pacific 13 TL 1966
Solitas gruveli Guinea flathead Eastern Atlantic 20 TL 1905
Sorsogona humerosa White-margined flathead Western Indian Ocean 12.5 SL 2011
Sorsogona melanoptera Obscure flathead Indian Ocean 14.5 TL 1987
Sorsogona nigripinna Blackfin flathead Western Indian Ocean 20 TL 1905
Sorsogona portuguesa South African thorny flathead Western Indian Ocean 17 TL 1953
Sorsogona prionota Halfspined flathead Western Indian Ocean in D 22 TL 1873
Sorsogona tuberculata Tuberculated flathead Indo-West Pacific 14 TL 1829
Suggrundus cooperi Western Indian Ocean 30 TL 1908
Suggrundus macracanthus Large-spined flathead Indo-West Pacific 26 TL 1869
Suggrundus meerdervoortii Northwest Pacific 16.4 SL 1860
Sunagocia arenicola Broadhead flathead Indo-Pacific 37 TL 1966
Sunagocia carbunculus Papillose flathead Indo-West Pacific 40 TL 1833
Sunagocia otaitensis Fringelip flathead Indo-Pacific 30 TL 1829
Sunagocia sainsburyi Sainsbury's flathead Indo-West Pacific coasts 9.7 SL 2004
Thysanophrys armata Indo-Pacific 12.1 SL 1938
Thysanophrys celebica Celebes flathead Indo-West Pacific 20 TL 1855
Thysanophrys chiltonae Longsnout flathead Indo-Pacific 25 TL 1966
Thysanophrys cirronasa Tasselsnout flathead Indo-West Pacific 38 TL 1848
Thysanophrys longirostris Northwest Pacific 18.6 SL 1987
Thysanophrys papillaris Smallknob flathead Indo-West Pacific 12.1 SL 1999
Thysanophrys randalli Snub-snouted flathead Western Indian Ocean 9.9 SL 2013
Thysanophrys rarita Somali flathead Western Indian Ocean, Som 12.7 SL 2013
Thysanophrys springeri Red Sea flathead Western Indian Ocean 8.9 SL 2013
Thysanophrys tricaudata Sri Lankan flathead Eastern Indian Ocean 11.7 SL 2013

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