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Family: Triglidae Searobins

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125 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Bellator brachychir Shortfin searobin Western Atlantic 10 TL 1914
Bellator egretta Streamer searobin Western Atlantic 20 TL 1896
Bellator farrago Southeast Pacific 11.2 SL 1998
Bellator gymnostethus Naked-belly searobin Eastern Pacific 15 TL 1892
Bellator loxias Barred searobin Eastern Pacific 15 TL 1897
Bellator militaris Horned searobin Western Atlantic 12.5 TL 1896
Bellator ribeiroi Western Atlantic 9.9 SL 1965
Bellator xenisma Splitnose searobin Eastern Pacific 11 TL 1890
Bovitrigla acanthomoplate Western Central Pacific 1938
Chelidonichthys capensis Cape gurnard Southeast Atlantic and We 75 TL 1829
Chelidonichthys cuculus Red gurnard Eastern Atlantic 70 TL 1758
Chelidonichthys gabonensis Gabon gurnard Eastern Central Atlantic 32 TL 1955
Chelidonichthys ischyrus Northwest Pacific 15 TL 1914
Chelidonichthys kumu Bluefin gurnard Indo-West Pacific 60 TL 1829
Chelidonichthys lastoviza Streaked gurnard Eastern Atlantic 40 TL 1788
Chelidonichthys lucerna Tub gurnard Eastern Atlantic 75.1 TL 1758
Chelidonichthys obscurus Longfin gurnard Eastern Atlantic 50.5 TL 1792
Chelidonichthys queketti Lesser gurnard Western Indian Ocean 35 TL 1904
Chelidonichthys spinosus Spiny red gurnard Northwest Pacific 40 TL 1844
Eutrigla gurnardus Grey gurnard Eastern Atlantic 60 TL 1758
Lepidotrigla abyssalis Northwest Pacific 17 TL 1904
Lepidotrigla alata Western Pacific 20 TL 1782
Lepidotrigla alcocki Western Indian Ocean 12.4 SL 1908
Lepidotrigla annamarae Western Pacific 17 SL 1997
Lepidotrigla argus Long-finned gurnard Indo-West Pacific 18 TL 1910
Lepidotrigla argyrosoma Western Central Pacific 1938
Lepidotrigla bentuviai Twohorn gurnard Western Indian Ocean 12 TL 1977
Lepidotrigla bispinosa Bullhorn gurnard Western Indian Ocean. 16 TL 1898
Lepidotrigla brachyoptera Scaly gurnard Southwest Pacific 14.0 SL 1872
Lepidotrigla cadmani Scalebreast gurnard Eastern Atlantic 30 TL 1915
Lepidotrigla calodactyla Drab longfin gurnard Western Pacific 18 TL 1910
Lepidotrigla carolae Carol's gurnard Eastern Atlantic 18 TL 1968
Lepidotrigla cavillone Large-scaled gurnard Eastern Atlantic 20 TL 1801
Lepidotrigla deasoni Western Central Pacific 1952
Lepidotrigla dieuzeidei Spiny gurnard Eastern Atlantic 20 TL 1973
Lepidotrigla eydouxii Western Central Pacific 1878
Lepidotrigla faurei Scalybreast gurnard Western Indian Ocean 18 TL 1914
Lepidotrigla grandis Supreme gurnard Indo-West Pacific 16 TL 1910
Lepidotrigla guentheri Northwest Pacific 20 TL 1879
Lepidotrigla hime Northwest Pacific 18 TL 1932
Lepidotrigla japonica Western Pacific 20 TL 1854
Lepidotrigla jimjoebob Eastern Central Pacific 11.6 SL 1992
Lepidotrigla kanagashira Western Pacific 18 TL 1936
Lepidotrigla kishinouyi Northwest Pacific 20 TL 1911
Lepidotrigla larsoni Swordtip gurnard Southwest Pacific 1997
Lepidotrigla lepidojugulata Western Pacific 1981
Lepidotrigla longifaciata Northwest Pacific 20 TL 1981
Lepidotrigla longimana Western Pacific 1981
Lepidotrigla longipinnis Indian Ocean. 1890
Lepidotrigla macrobrachia Western Central Pacific 1938
Lepidotrigla marisinensis Western Pacific 1938
Lepidotrigla microptera Northwest Pacific 30 TL 1873
Lepidotrigla modesta Cocky gurnard Eastern Indian Ocean 22 SL 1899
Lepidotrigla mulhalli Roundsnout gurnard Southwest Pacific 20 TL 1884
Lepidotrigla multispinosa Indian Ocean spiny gurnard Western Indian Ocean 16 TL 1934
Lepidotrigla musorstom Western Pacific 12.8 SL 1997
Lepidotrigla nana Western Pacific 10.1 SL 1997
Lepidotrigla oglina Western Pacific 1938
Lepidotrigla omanensis Oman gurnard Western Indian Ocean 13.5 TL 1905
Lepidotrigla papilio Eastern Indian Ocean 20 SL 1829
Lepidotrigla pectoralis Western Central Pacific 1938
Lepidotrigla pleuracanthica Eastern spiny gurnard Southwest Pacific 20 TL 1845
Lepidotrigla punctipectoralis Finspot gurnard Indo-West Pacific 20 TL 1938
Lepidotrigla robinsi Southwest Pacific 12.2 SL 1997
Lepidotrigla russelli Smooth gurnard Western Central Pacific 1995
Lepidotrigla sayademalha Western Indian Ocean 10.4 SL 1992
Lepidotrigla sereti Western Pacific 11.8 SL 1997
Lepidotrigla spiloptera Spotwing gurnard Indo-West Pacific 10 TL 1880
Lepidotrigla spinosa Shortfin gurnard Eastern Indian Ocean 1987
Lepidotrigla umbrosa Blackspot gurnard Southwest Pacific 1910
Lepidotrigla vanessa Butterfly gurnard Eastern Indian Ocean 28 SL 1839
Lepidotrigla vaubani Western Pacific 10.6 SL 1997
Lepidotrigla venusta Western Central Pacific 1938
Prionotus alatus Spiny searobin Western Atlantic 17.5 TL 1883
Prionotus albirostris Whitesnout searobin Eastern Pacific 20.5 SL 1890
Prionotus beanii Bean's searobin Western Atlantic 15 TL 1896
Prionotus birostratus Two-beaked searobin Eastern Pacific 18 TL 1844
Prionotus carolinus Northern searobin Western Atlantic 38 TL 1771
Prionotus evolans Striped searobin Western Atlantic 45 TL 1766
Prionotus horrens Bristly searobin Eastern Pacific 1844
Prionotus longispinosus Bigeye searobin Western Atlantic 35 TL 1951
Prionotus martis Gulf of Mexico barred searobin Western Atlantic 17.5 TL 1950
Prionotus miles Galapagos gurnard Southeast Pacific 25 TL 1840
Prionotus murielae Western Central Atlantic 6 SL 1928
Prionotus nudigula Red searobin Southwest Atlantic 38.1 TL 1950
Prionotus ophryas Bandtail searobin Western Atlantic 27 TL 1885
Prionotus paralatus Mexican searobin Western Atlantic 17.5 TL 1950
Prionotus punctatus Bluewing searobin Western Atlantic 45 TL 1793
Prionotus roseus Bluespotted searobin Western Atlantic 20 TL 1887
Prionotus rubio Blackwing searobin Western Atlantic 30 TL 1886
Prionotus ruscarius Common searobin Eastern Pacific 39.5 TL 1904
Prionotus scitulus Leopard searobin Western Atlantic 25 TL 1882
Prionotus stearnsi Shortwing searobin Western Atlantic 17.5 TL 1885
Prionotus stephanophrys Lumptail searobin Eastern Pacific 43 TL 1881
Prionotus teaguei Long-ray searobin Eastern Central Pacific 15 TL 1956
Prionotus tribulus Bighead searobin Western Atlantic 35 TL 1829
Pterygotrigla amaokai Western Indian Ocean, out 13.9 SL 2003
Pterygotrigla andertoni Painted latchet Western Pacific 38 SL 1910
Pterygotrigla arabica Western Indian Ocean 19.8 SL 1888
Pterygotrigla cajorarori Hyperostotic gurnard Western Pacific 26.8 SL 2012
Pterygotrigla draiggoch Dragon gurnard Eastern Indian Ocean 22.1 SL 2003
Pterygotrigla elicryste Dwarf gurnard East Indian to West Pacif 8.3 SL 2003
Pterygotrigla gomoni Gomon’s gurnard Eastern Indian Ocean 17.4 SL 2012
Pterygotrigla guezei Island gurnard Western Indian Ocean 25.1 SL 1963
Pterygotrigla hafizi Western Indian Ocean 8.9 SL 2003
Pterygotrigla hemisticta Blackspotted gurnard Western Pacific, wide dis 30 TL 1843
Pterygotrigla hoplites Swordspine gurnard Eastern Indian Ocean to W 10.8 SL 1938
Pterygotrigla jacad Bigeye gurnard Western Indian Ocean 12.9 SL 2014
Pterygotrigla leptacanthus Black-finned gurnard Indo-West Pacific 15 TL 1880
Pterygotrigla macrolepidota Western Pacific 15 TL 1938
Pterygotrigla macrorhynchus Longnose gurnard Indo-West Pacific 20 TL 1936
Pterygotrigla megalops Large eye gurnard Western Pacific 20 SL 1938
Pterygotrigla multiocellata Antrorse spined gurnard Southeastern Indian Ocean 24.1 SL 1937
Pterygotrigla multipunctata Northwest Pacific 15.1 SL 1983
Pterygotrigla pauli Yellow spotted gurnard Southwest Pacific 1982
Pterygotrigla picta Spotted gurnard South Pacific 38 SL 1880
Pterygotrigla polyommata Latchet Southwest Pacific 62 TL 1839
Pterygotrigla robertsi Roberts’ gurnard Western Pacific 30.7 SL 1997
Pterygotrigla ryukyuensis Ryukyu gurnard Indo-West Pacific 30 TL 1932
Pterygotrigla saumarez Saumarez Gurnard Western Pacific 18.6 SL 2012
Pterygotrigla soela Soela gurnard Southwest Pacific 11.0 SL 2003
Pterygotrigla spirai Western Indian Ocean 15.3 SL 1997
Pterygotrigla tagala Western Central Pacific 10.9 SL 1952
Pterygotrigla urashimai Western Pacific 9.4 SL 2003
Trigla lyra Piper gurnard Eastern Atlantic 60 TL 1758

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