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Family: Melamphaidae Bigscale fishes or ridgeheads

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Melamphaes acanthomus Slender bigscale Eastern Pacific 1962
Melamphaes contradictorius Western Pacific 3.1 SL 2015
Melamphaes danae Bigscale Indo-Pacific 2.3 SL 1962
Melamphaes ebelingi Western Central Atlantic. 13.7 SL 1973
Melamphaes eulepis Eastern Atlantic 4.6 SL 1962
Melamphaes falsidicus Northern Atlantic (temper 8.7 SL 2011
Melamphaes hubbsi South Atlantic 2.5 SL 1962
Melamphaes indicus Southeast Pacific 1962
Melamphaes janae Eastern Pacific 8.6 SL 1962
Melamphaes laeviceps Southeast Pacific 1962
Melamphaes leprus Eastern Atlantic 11.3 SL 1962
Melamphaes longivelis Eyebrow bigscale Atlantic and Pacific 10.6 SL 1933
Melamphaes lugubris Highsnout melamphid North Pacific 8.5 SL 1890
Melamphaes macrocephalus Eastern Pacific Ocean 12.8 SL 1931
Melamphaes manifestus Eastern Atlantic Ocean 8.7 SL 2011
Melamphaes microps Antitropical. South Atla 9.6 SL 1878
Melamphaes nikolayi Northwestern Pacific. 6.2 SL 2012
Melamphaes occlusus Southwestern Indian Ocean 11.7 SL 2012
Melamphaes pachystomus Southeast Pacific 7.2 SL 2011
Melamphaes papavereus Eastern Indian Ocean 3.5 SL 2016
Melamphaes parini Northwest Pacific 11.3 SL 1999
Melamphaes parvus Little bigscale Eastern Pacific 1962
Melamphaes polylepis Circumtropical in North A 6.8 SL 1962
Melamphaes proximus Indo-West Pacific 9.3 SL 2015
Melamphaes pumilus Western Atlantic 2.3 SL 1962
Melamphaes simus Ridgehead Indo-Pacific and Atlantic 2.9 SL 1962
Melamphaes spinifer Southeast Pacific 1962
Melamphaes suborbitalis Shoulderspine bigscale North Atlantic 10.6 SL 1883
Melamphaes succedaneus Eastern Pacific. 10.6 SL 2015
Melamphaes typhlops North Atlantic 7.8 SL 1843
Melamphaes xestoachidus Northwestern Pacific Ocea 8.7 SL 2011
Poromitra agafonovae Western Indian Ocean 13.2 SL 2009
Poromitra atlantica Circum-Antarctic, between 11.6 SL 1929
Poromitra capito North Atlantic, Northwest 10 SL 1883
Poromitra coronata Southeastern Atlantic Oce 10.7 SL 1924
Poromitra crassa Western Pacific 11 SL 1980
Poromitra crassiceps Crested bigscale Distribution needs to be 14.8 SL 1878
Poromitra cristiceps North Pacific Ocean. 12.1 SL 1890
Poromitra curilensis Northern Pacific 11.2 SL 2008
Poromitra decipiens Eastern Indian Ocean. Eas 11.5 SL 2008
Poromitra frontosa Eastern Pacific Ocean, fr 13.4 SL 1899
Poromitra gibbsi Southeast Pacific. 1989
Poromitra glochidiata Eastern Indian Ocean 10.9 SL 2008
Poromitra indooceanica Indian Ocean. 13.1 SL 2008
Poromitra jucunda Pacific Ocean 5.0 SL 2010
Poromitra kukuevi Southwest Atlantic. 4.9 SL 2008
Poromitra macrophthalma Indo-Pacific 4.5 SL 1903
Poromitra megalops Atlantic Ocean. 6.4 SL 1878
Poromitra nigriceps Northern Atlantic Ocean, 13.5 SL 1911
Poromitra nigrofulva Eastern Pacific Ocean 9.9 SL 1899
Poromitra oscitans Yawning Indo-Pacific 8.2 SL 1975
Poromitra rugosa Northeastern Pacific 9.4 SL 1939
Poromitra unicornis Pacific Ocean 11.4 SL 1905
Scopeloberyx bannikovi Western Atlantic, equator 2004
Scopeloberyx malayanus Indo-West Pacific 1913
Scopeloberyx maxillaris Eastern Pacific Ocean. Tr 1899
Scopeloberyx microlepis Southern bigscale Indian Ocean. South Paci 4.1 TL 1937
Scopeloberyx opisthopterus Atlantic, Indian and Paci 3.7 SL 1933
Scopeloberyx pequenoi Eastern Pacific, tropical 2004
Scopeloberyx robustus Longjaw bigscale Circumglobal 7.3 SL 1887
Scopeloberyx rossicus Northwest Pacific. 2004
Scopeloberyx rubriventer North Atlantic 1953
Scopelogadus beanii Bean's bigscale Southwest Pacific 12.2 SL 1887
Scopelogadus bispinosus Twospine bigscale Eastern Pacific 11 TL 1915
Scopelogadus mizolepis Ragged bigscale Indian and Atlantic 9.4 SL 1878
Scopelogadus unispinis Western Pacific 1963
Sio nordenskjoldii Nordenskjold's bigscale Atlantic, Indian and Paci 12.3 SL 1905

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