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Family: Belonidae Needlefishes

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47 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Ablennes hians Flat needlefish Worldwide distribution in 140 TL 1846
Belone belone Garfish Eastern Atlantic and Medi 103.5 TL 1760
Belone euxini Endemic to Black Sea, Sea 52 TL 1866
Belone svetovidovi Eastern Atlantic 41.8 TL 1970
Belonion apodion South America 5 SL 1966
Belonion dibranchodon South America 4.8 SL 1966
Petalichthys capensis Cape needlefish Southeast Atlantic and We 35 SL 1904
Platybelone argalus annobonensis Annobon keel tail needlefish Eastern Atlantic 23 OT 1970
Platybelone argalus argalus Keeltail needlefish Western Atlantic 50 TL 1821
Platybelone argalus platura Western Indian Ocean 45 TL 1837
Platybelone argalus platyura Keeled needlefish Indo-Pacific 45 NG 1832
Platybelone argalus pterura Baja California keeltail needlefish Eastern Pacific 40 SL 1916
Platybelone argalus trachura Southeast Atlantic 32 OT 1846
Platybelone lovii Eastern Atlantic 24 OT 1866
Potamorrhaphis eigenmanni South America 22.8 SL 1915
Potamorrhaphis guianensis South America 29.1 TL 1843
Potamorrhaphis labiatus South America 17.5 OT 2012
Potamorrhaphis petersi South America 24.6 SL 1974
Pseudotylosurus angusticeps South America 29.8 SL 1866
Pseudotylosurus microps South America 40.7 SL 1866
Strongylura anastomella Northwest Pacific 100 TL 1846
Strongylura exilis Californian needlefish Eastern Pacific 91 TL 1854
Strongylura fluviatilis South America 51.7 SL 1903
Strongylura hubbsi Maya needlefish Central America 49.8 SL 1974
Strongylura incisa Reef needlefish Indo-Pacific 100 FL 1846
Strongylura krefftii Long tom Asia and Oceania 85 SL 1866
Strongylura leiura Banded needlefish Indo-West Pacific 100 TL 1850
Strongylura marina Atlantic needlefish Western Atlantic 111 TL 1792
Strongylura notata forsythia Western Central Atlantic 40.5 SL 1932
Strongylura notata notata Redfin needlefish Western Central Atlantic 61 TL 1860
Strongylura scapularis Shoulderspot needlefish Eastern Pacific 38 SL 1882
Strongylura senegalensis Senegal needlefish Eastern Atlantic 150 SL 1846
Strongylura strongylura Spottail needlefish Indo-West Pacific 40 SL 1823
Strongylura timucu Timucu Western Atlantic 61 TL 1792
Strongylura urvillii Urville's longtom Western Pacific 26.3 OT 1846
Tylosurus acus acus Agujon needlefish Western Atlantic 153 TL 1803
Tylosurus acus imperialis Eastern Atlantic 140 SL 1810
Tylosurus acus melanotus Keel-jawed needle fish Indo-Pacific 100 TL 1850
Tylosurus acus rafale Atlantic agujon needlefish Eastern Atlantic 140 TL 1970
Tylosurus choram Red Sea houndfish Western Indian Ocean 120 TL 1837
Tylosurus crocodilus Hound needlefish Indo-West Pacific 150 TL 1821
Tylosurus fodiator Mexican needlefish Eastern Central Pacific 134 TL 1882
Tylosurus gavialoides Stout longtom Indo-West Pacific 75 OT 1873
Tylosurus pacificus Pacific agujon needlefish Eastern Pacific 82.5 SL 1876
Tylosurus punctulatus Spotted long-tom Western Central Pacific 58.3 SL 1872
Xenentodon cancila Freshwater garfish Asia 40 TL 1822
Xenentodon canciloides Asia 30 SL 1854

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