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Family: Exocoetidae Flyingfishes

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Cheilopogon abei Abe's flyingfish Indo-West Pacific 22 SL 1996
Cheilopogon agoo Japanese flyingfish Northwest Pacific 35 SL 1846
Cheilopogon altipennis Smallhead flyingfish Western Indian Ocean 38 SL 1847
Cheilopogon arcticeps White-finned flyingfish Western Pacific 21 SL 1866
Cheilopogon atrisignis Glider flyingfish Indo-Pacific 33 SL 1903
Cheilopogon cyanopterus Margined flyingfish Indo-West Pacific 40 TL 1847
Cheilopogon doederleinii Western Pacific 35 TL 1887
Cheilopogon dorsomacula Backspot flyingfish Pacific Ocean 23 SL 1944
Cheilopogon exsiliens Bandwing flyingfish Western Atlantic 30 TL 1771
Cheilopogon furcatus Spotfin flyingfish Widespread in tropical zo 35 TL 1815
Cheilopogon heterurus Mediterranean flyingfish Eastern Atlantic 40 TL 1810
Cheilopogon hubbsi Blotchwing flyingfish Worldwide in the tropics, 41 TL 1961
Cheilopogon intermedius Intermediate flyingfish Indo-West Pacific 22 SL 1961
Cheilopogon katoptron Indonesian flyingfish Western Pacific 18 SL 1865
Cheilopogon melanurus Atlantic flyingfish Western Atlantic 32 TL 1847
Cheilopogon milleri Guinean flyingfish Eastern Atlantic 28.5 SL 1970
Cheilopogon nigricans Blacksail flyingfish Indo-West Pacific 28 SL 1840
Cheilopogon olgae Eastern Indian Ocean 23.4 SL 2009
Cheilopogon papilio Butterfly flyingfish Eastern Central Pacific 21 SL 1936
Cheilopogon pinnatibarbatus californicus California flyingfish Eastern Pacific 38 SL 1863
Cheilopogon pinnatibarbatus japonicus Northwest Pacific 50 TL 1910
Cheilopogon pinnatibarbatus melanocercus Southwest Pacific 1885
Cheilopogon pinnatibarbatus pinnatibarbatus Bennett's flyingfish Eastern Atlantic 40 SL 1831
Cheilopogon pitcairnensis Eastern Central Pacific 24 SL 1935
Cheilopogon rapanouiensis Easter island flyingfish Pacific Ocean 30 SL 1961
Cheilopogon spilonotopterus Stained flyingfish Indo-Pacific to Eastern P 38 SL 1865
Cheilopogon spilopterus Manyspotted flyingfish Eastern Indian Ocean and 25 SL 1847
Cheilopogon suttoni Sutton's flyingfish Indo-Pacific 30 SL 1938
Cheilopogon unicolor Limpid-wing flyingfish Pacific Ocean 38 TL 1847
Cheilopogon ventralis Eastern Pacific 1935
Cheilopogon xenopterus Whitetip flyingfish Eastern Pacific 1890
Cypselurus angusticeps Narrowhead flyingfish Indo-Pacific 24 SL 1935
Cypselurus callopterus Ornamented flyingfish Eastern Central Pacific 30 TL 1866
Cypselurus comatus Clearwing flyingfish Western Atlantic 30 TL 1815
Cypselurus hexazona Darkbar flyingfish Indo-West Pacific 18 SL 1853
Cypselurus hiraii Northwest Pacific 1953
Cypselurus longibarbus Western Pacific. 30 TL 1961
Cypselurus naresii Pharao flyingfish Indo-West Pacific 21 SL 1889
Cypselurus oligolepis Largescale flyingfish Indo-West Pacific 27.7 TL 1865
Cypselurus opisthopus Black-finned flyingfish Western Pacific 18 SL 1865
Cypselurus poecilopterus Yellowing flyingfish Indo-West Pacific 27 TL 1847
Cypselurus simus Short-nosed flyingfish Eastern Central Pacific 26 SL 1847
Cypselurus starksi Northwest Pacific 27 TL 1953
Exocoetus gibbosus Oceanic flyingfish Eastern Central Pacific 2000
Exocoetus monocirrhus Barbel flyingfish Indo-Pacific and Eastern 20 SL 1846
Exocoetus obtusirostris Oceanic two-wing flyingfish South Pacific 24 TL 1866
Exocoetus peruvianus Southeast Pacific 2000
Exocoetus volitans Tropical two-wing flyingfish Widespread in tropical an 30 TL 1758
Fodiator acutus Sharpchin flyingfish Northeast Pacific and Eas 18 TL 1847
Fodiator rostratus Eastern Pacific 19 SL 1866
Hirundichthys affinis Fourwing flyingfish Eastern Atlantic 33 TL 1866
Hirundichthys albimaculatus Whitespot flyingfish Pacific Ocean 23 SL 1934
Hirundichthys coromandelensis Coromandel flyingfish Indian Ocean 19 SL 1923
Hirundichthys ilma Southwest Pacific 1899
Hirundichthys indicus Indian Ocean 19.2 SL 2013
Hirundichthys marginatus Banded flyingfish Eastern Pacific 21 SL 1928
Hirundichthys oxycephalus Bony flyingfish Indo-West Pacific 18 SL 1853
Hirundichthys rondeletii Black wing flyingfish Subtropical waters of all 30 TL 1847
Hirundichthys rufipinnis Redfin flyingfish Circumglobal 27 SL 1847
Hirundichthys socotranus Western Indian Ocean 1902
Hirundichthys speculiger Mirrorwing flyingfish Circumglobal 25.1 SL 1847
Hirundichthys volador Atlantic blackwing flyingfish Atlantic Ocean. NW Atlan 24 SL 1884
Parexocoetus brachypterus Sailfin flyingfish Indo-Pacific 20 TL 1846
Parexocoetus hillianus Flyingfish Western Atlantic 1851
Parexocoetus mento African sailfin flyingfish Indo-Pacific 11 SL 1847
Prognichthys brevipinnis Shortfin flyingfish Indo-Pacific 19 SL 1847
Prognichthys gibbifrons Bluntnose flyingfish Eastern Atlantic 19.5 SL 1847
Prognichthys glaphyrae Gyre flyingfish Atlantic Ocean 20.1 SL 1999
Prognichthys occidentalis Western Atlantic 17.9 SL 1999
Prognichthys sealei Sailor flyingfish Indo-Pacific 19 SL 1955
Prognichthys tringa Tringa flyingfish Eastern Central Pacific 16 SL 1928

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