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Family: Batrachoididae Toadfishes

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83 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Allenbatrachus grunniens Grunting toadfish Indo-West Pacific. Record 30 TL 1758
Allenbatrachus meridionalis Western Indian Ocean 18.9 SL 2004
Allenbatrachus reticulatus Indo-West Pacific 11 SL 1870
Amphichthys cryptocentrus Bocon toadfish Western Atlantic 40 TL 1837
Amphichthys rubigenis Southwest Atlantic 1839
Aphos porosus Banded toadfish Southeast Pacific 28 TL 1837
Austrobatrachus foedus Puzzled toadfish Southeast Atlantic 27 TL 1947
Austrobatrachus iselesele Zulu toadfish Western Indian Ocean 21.2 SL 2012
Barchatus cirrhosus Toadfish Western Indian Ocean 35 TL 1871
Barchatus indicus Somalian toadfish Indian Ocean 16.4 SL 2014
Batrachoides boulengeri Boulenger's toadfish Eastern Central Pacific 36.2 SL 1904
Batrachoides gilberti Large-eye toadfish Western Central Atlantic 23 SL 1928
Batrachoides goldmani Mexican freshwater toadfish Central America 21.6 SL 1902
Batrachoides liberiensis Hairy toadfish Eastern Atlantic 46 TL 1867
Batrachoides manglae Cotuero toadfish Western Central Atlantic 30 TL 1964
Batrachoides pacifici Pacific toadfish Eastern Pacific 43 TL 1861
Batrachoides surinamensis Pacuma toadfish Western Central Atlantic 57 TL 1801
Batrachoides walkeri Walker's toadfish Eastern Central Pacific 17 SL 1981
Batrachoides waltersi Walter's toadfish Eastern Central Pacific 29.2 SL 1981
Batrachomoeus dahli Dahl's frogfish Eastern Indian Ocean 1922
Batrachomoeus dubius Eastern frogfish Southwest Pacific 35 TL 1790
Batrachomoeus occidentalis Western frogfish Indo-West Pacific 20 TL 1976
Batrachomoeus rubricephalus Pinkhead frogfish Eastern Indian Ocean 31 TL 1976
Batrachomoeus trispinosus Three-spined frogfish Indo-West Pacific 31 TL 1861
Batrichthys albofasciatus White-ribbed toadfish Southeast Atlantic 12 TL 1934
Batrichthys apiatus Snakehead toadfish Southeast Atlantic 10 TL 1837
Bifax lacinia Two-faced toadfish Western Indian Ocean 33 TL 1994
Chatrabus felinus Pleated toadfish Southeast Atlantic 19 TL 1952
Chatrabus hendersoni Chocolate toadfish Southeast Atlantic 22 TL 1952
Chatrabus melanurus Pony toadfish Southeast Atlantic 26 TL 1927
Colletteichthys dussumieri Flat toadfish Western Indian Ocean 27 TL 1837
Colletteichthys flavipinnis Yellowfin toadfish Indian Ocean 13.2 SL 2012
Colletteichthys occidentalis Arabian toadfish Indian Ocean 14.8 SL 2012
Daector dowi Dow's toadfish Eastern Pacific 16 TL 1887
Daector gerringi South America 21.9 SL 1941
Daector quadrizonatus South America 18 SL 1922
Daector reticulata Reticulated toadfish Eastern Central Pacific 27 SL 1864
Daector schmitti Schmitt's toadfish Eastern Central Pacific 13 SL 1968
Halobatrachus didactylus Lusitanian toadfish Eastern Atlantic 50 TL 1801
Halophryne diemensis Banded frogfish Indo-West Pacific 28 TL 1824
Halophryne hutchinsi Hutchin's toadfish Western Central Pacific 14.1 SL 1998
Halophryne ocellatus Ocellate frogfish Indo-West Pacific 26 TL 1974
Halophryne queenslandiae Sculptured frogfish Southwest Pacific 1882
Opsanus beta Gulf toadfish Western Atlantic 30 TL 1880
Opsanus dichrostomus Bicolor toadfish Western Atlantic 12.6 SL 2001
Opsanus pardus Leopard toadfish Western Central Atlantic 38 TL 1880
Opsanus phobetron Scarecrow toadfish Western Atlantic 21.5 TL 1961
Opsanus tau Oyster toadfish Western Atlantic 43.2 TL 1766
Perulibatrachus aquilonarius Eastern Indian Ocean 23.7 SL 2005
Perulibatrachus elminensis Guinean toadfish Eastern Atlantic 35 TL 1863
Perulibatrachus kilburni Western Indian Ocean 5.6 SL 1996
Perulibatrachus rossignoli Rossignol's toadfish Eastern Atlantic 40 TL 1957
Porichthys analis Darkedge midshipman Eastern Central Pacific 28.2 TL 1939
Porichthys bathoiketes Western Central Atlantic 15.7 SL 1968
Porichthys ephippiatus Saddle midshipman Eastern Central Pacific 11.8 SL 1988
Porichthys greenei Greene's midshipman Eastern Central Pacific 7.7 SL 1904
Porichthys kymosemeum Western Atlantic 1968
Porichthys margaritatus Daisy midshipman Eastern Pacific 17 SL 1844
Porichthys mimeticus Mimetic midshipman Eastern Central Pacific 18.5 SL 1988
Porichthys myriaster Specklefin midshipman Eastern Pacific 51 TL 1939
Porichthys notatus Plainfin midshipman Eastern Pacific 38 TL 1854
Porichthys oculellus Smalleye midshipman Southeast Pacific 7.4 SL 1988
Porichthys oculofrenum Western Central Atlantic 1968
Porichthys pauciradiatus Eastern Central Pacific. 1963
Porichthys plectrodon Atlantic midshipman Western Atlantic 29 TL 1882
Porichthys porosissimus Southwest Atlantic 34 TL 1829
Potamobatrachus trispinosus South America 5 SL 1995
Riekertia ellisi Broadbodied toadfish Southeast Atlantic and we 29 TL 1952
Sanopus astrifer Western Central Atlantic 1965
Sanopus barbatus Bearded toadfish Western Central Atlantic 41 TL 1928
Sanopus greenfieldorum Whitelined toadfish Western Atlantic 1983
Sanopus johnsoni Cozumel toadfish Western Central Atlantic 1974
Sanopus reticulatus Reticulate toadfish Western Atlantic 1983
Sanopus splendidus Coral toadfish Western Atlantic 24 TL 1974
Thalassophryne amazonica South America 9.3 SL 1876
Thalassophryne maculosa Cano toadfish Western Central Atlantic 20 TL 1861
Thalassophryne megalops Western Central Atlantic 1910
Thalassophryne montevidensis Southwest Atlantic 14.4 NG 1893
Thalassophryne nattereri Western Atlantic 14.0 SL 1876
Thalassophryne punctata Southwest Atlantic 15.8 SL 1876
Triathalassothia argentina Southwest Atlantic 1897
Triathalassothia lambaloti Southwest Atlantic 1998
Vladichthys gloverensis Western Central Atlantic 5.6 SL 1973

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