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Family: Paralepididae Barracudinas

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58 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Arctozenus risso Spotted barracudina Worldwide distribution fr 30 SL 1840
Dolichosudis fuliginosa Eastern Atlantic 24.4 SL 1969
Lestidiops affinis Barracudina Atlantic Ocean. In the w 11.2 SL 1930
Lestidiops bathyopteryx Eastern Central Pacific 12.8 SL 1944
Lestidiops cadenati Eastern Atlantic 8.3 SL 1962
Lestidiops distans Eastern Central Atlantic. 20.9 SL 1953
Lestidiops extrema Western Central Pacific. 2.2 SL 1953
Lestidiops gracilis Southwest Pacific 2.8 SL 1953
Lestidiops indopacifica Indo-Pacific barracudina Indo-West Pacific 2.3 SL 1953
Lestidiops jayakari Pacific barracudina Atlantic, Indian and Paci 20 TL 1889
Lestidiops mirabilis Strange pike smelt Atlantic, Indian and Paci 26.1 SL 1933
Lestidiops neles Eastern Pacific 7.8 SL 1953
Lestidiops pacificus Southwest Pacific 1.6 SL 1931
Lestidiops pseudosphyraenoides Eastern Atlantic 9.5 SL 1918
Lestidiops ringens Slender barracudina Eastern Pacific 21 TL 1880
Lestidiops similis Atlantic Ocean 20 TL 1933
Lestidiops sphyraenopsis North Pacific 39 SL 1916
Lestidiops sphyrenoides Eastern Atlantic 27 SL 1820
Lestidium atlanticum Atlantic barracudina Widely distributed in tro 25 TL 1928
Lestidium bigelowi Indian and Pacific oceans 3.7 SL 1967
Lestidium nudum Deep water pike smelt Pacific Ocean. 1.9 SL 1905
Lestidium prolixum Northwest Pacific 27 SL 1953
Lestrolepis intermedia Circumtropical in all oce 33.8 SL 1868
Lestrolepis japonica Japanese barracudina Western Pacific 19 SL 1908
Lestrolepis luetkeni Naked barracuda Indo-Pacific 20 SL 1933
Macroparalepis affinis Atlantic Ocean 55 TL 1933
Macroparalepis brevis Atlantic Ocean 13.5 SL 1933
Macroparalepis danae Western Pacific. 12.1 SL 1933
Macroparalepis johnfitchi Black barracudina Eastern Pacific 29.9 SL 1960
Macroparalepis longilateralis South Atlantic. 31.4 SL 1973
Macroparalepis macrogeneion Longfin barracudina South Atlantic 42 TL 1973
Macroparalepis nigra Eastern Atlantic 46.1 SL 1965
Magnisudis atlantica Duckbill barracudina Circumglobal 56 SL 1868
Magnisudis indica Indo-West Pacific. 1953
Magnisudis prionosa Southern barracudina Probably circumglobal in 55 TL 1963
Notolepis annulata Ringed barracudina Western Atlantic 30 TL 1978
Notolepis coatsi Antarctic jonasfish Probably circumglobal in 38 SL 1908
Paralepis brevirostris Atlantic Ocean 24.2 SL 1928
Paralepis coregonoides Sharpchin barracudina Atlantic Ocean 50 SL 1820
Paralepis elongata Indian and Atlantic 21 TL 1906
Paralepis speciosa Mediterranean Sea endemic 1878
Stemonosudis bullisi Western Central Atlantic 6.2 SL 1963
Stemonosudis distans Western Central Pacific. 2.3 SL 1957
Stemonosudis elegans Tailspot barracudina Indo-Pacific 5.5 TL 1933
Stemonosudis elongata Indo-Pacific, from East A 11.7 SL 1933
Stemonosudis gracilis Atlantic, Indian, and Wes 9.9 SL 1933
Stemonosudis intermedia Atlantic Ocean 15.2 SL 1933
Stemonosudis macrura Indo-Pacific. Eastern Pa 15 TL 1933
Stemonosudis miscella Eastern Indian Ocean 5.5 SL 1933
Stemonosudis molesta Southwest Pacific 14.6 SL 1955
Stemonosudis rothschildi Rothschild's barracudina Pacific Ocean 23 SL 1967
Stemonosudis siliquiventer Atlantic Ocean 16.0 SL 1970
Sudis atrox Fierce pike smelt Eastern Atlantic 12.5 TL 1963
Sudis hyalina Circumglobal, broadly dis 100 TL 1810
Uncisudis advena Western Central Atlantic 6.2 SL 1963
Uncisudis longirostra Eastern Central Atlantic 18.7 SL 1956
Uncisudis posteropelvis Western North Pacific 1.8 SL 2004
Uncisudis quadrimaculata Atlantic. 9.9 SL 1969

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