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Family: Hemiodontidae Halftooths

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31 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Anodus elongatus South America 30.3 SL 1829
Anodus orinocensis South America 27.5 SL 1887
Argonectes longiceps South America 24.5 SL 1858
Argonectes robertsi South America 35.5 TL 1999
Bivibranchia bimaculata South America 12.9 SL 1985
Bivibranchia fowleri South America 19.2 TL 1908
Bivibranchia notata South America 7.2 SL 1985
Bivibranchia simulata South America 13.5 SL 1991
Bivibranchia velox South America 16.3 TL 1927
Hemiodus amazonum South America 20.5 SL 1821
Hemiodus argenteus South America 23.7 SL 1909
Hemiodus atranalis South America 9.2 SL 1940
Hemiodus goeldii South America 16 SL 1908
Hemiodus gracilis South America 16.3 SL 1864
Hemiodus huraulti South America 11.4 SL 1964
Hemiodus immaculatus South America 24.7 SL 1858
Hemiodus iratapuru South America 13.4 SL 2013
Hemiodus jatuarana South America 2004
Hemiodus langeanii South America 13.6 SL 2012
Hemiodus microlepis South America 23.9 SL 1858
Hemiodus orthonops South America 34.2 TL 1903
Hemiodus parnaguae South America 14.6 SL 1916
Hemiodus quadrimaculatus Barred hemiodus South America 13.1 SL 1909
Hemiodus semitaeniatus Halfline hemiodus South America 20 SL 1858
Hemiodus sterni South America 7.9 SL 1964
Hemiodus ternetzi South America 10.5 SL 1927
Hemiodus thayeria South America 8.9 SL 1955
Hemiodus tocantinensis South America 9.7 SL 1999
Hemiodus unimaculatus South America 26 SL 1794
Hemiodus vorderwinkleri South America 16.5 SL 1964
Micromischodus sugillatus South America 17 SL 1971

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