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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Pleuronectiformes
Family: Paralichthyidae Large-tooth flounders

Genus: Pseudorhombus

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25 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Pseudorhombus annulatus Ringed flounder Western Indian Ocean 10.5 TL 1927
Pseudorhombus argus Peacock flounder Indo-West Pacific 25 SL 1913
Pseudorhombus arsius Largetooth flounder Indo-West Pacific 45 TL 1822
Pseudorhombus binii Southeast Pacific 1955
Pseudorhombus cinnamoneus Cinnamon flounder Western Pacific 35 SL 1846
Pseudorhombus ctenosquamis Northwest Pacific 1927
Pseudorhombus diplospilus Four twin-spot flounder Western Pacific 40 SL 1926
Pseudorhombus dupliciocellatus Ocellated flounder Indo-West Pacific 40 SL 1905
Pseudorhombus elevatus Deep flounder Indian Ocean 20 SL 1912
Pseudorhombus javanicus Javan flounder Indo-West Pacific 35 SL 1853
Pseudorhombus jenynsii Smalltooth flounder Indo-West Pacific 34 TL 1855
Pseudorhombus levisquamis Western Pacific 26.7 SL 1927
Pseudorhombus malayanus Malayan flounder Indo-West Pacific 35 SL 1865
Pseudorhombus megalops Western Central Pacific 22 SL 1934
Pseudorhombus micrognathus Indo-West Pacific 1927
Pseudorhombus natalensis Natal flounders Western Indian Ocean 26.5 TL 1904
Pseudorhombus neglectus Indo-West Pacific 25 SL 1865
Pseudorhombus oculocirris Northwest Pacific 1969
Pseudorhombus oligodon Roughscale flounder Northwest Pacific 30 SL 1854
Pseudorhombus pentophthalmus Fivespot flounder Western Pacific 18 SL 1862
Pseudorhombus quinquocellatus Five-eyed flounder Western Pacific 20 SL 1929
Pseudorhombus russellii Western Central Pacific 23 SL 1834
Pseudorhombus spinosus Spiny flounder Western Pacific 30 SL 1914
Pseudorhombus tenuirastrum Southwest Pacific 25 SL 1899
Pseudorhombus triocellatus Three spotted flounders Indo-West Pacific 15 SL 1801

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