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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Perciformes
Family: Apogonidae Cardinalfishes
Subfamily: Apogoninae
Genus: Ostorhinchus

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88 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Ostorhinchus angustatus Broadstriped cardinalfish Indo-Pacific 11 TL 1911
Ostorhinchus aphanes Western Pacific 4.5 SL 2012
Ostorhinchus apogonoides Short-tooth cardinal Indo-West Pacific 10 TL 1856
Ostorhinchus aroubiensis Western Central Pacific. 1853
Ostorhinchus aterrimus Western Central Pacific 1867
Ostorhinchus atrogaster Blackbelly cardinalfish Western Pacific 5.9 SL 1912
Ostorhinchus aureus Ring-tailed cardinalfish Indo-West Pacific 14.5 TL 1802
Ostorhinchus brevispinis Eastern Central Pacific 6.2 SL 2003
Ostorhinchus bryx Offshore cardinalfish Indo-West Pacific 5.2 SL 1998
Ostorhinchus capricornis Capricorn cardinalfish Western Pacific 5.8 SL 1993
Ostorhinchus cavitensis Whiteline cardinalfish Indo-Pacific 7.5 TL 1907
Ostorhinchus chalcius Southeast Pacific 11.6 SL 1986
Ostorhinchus cheni Northwest Pacific 13 SL 1990
Ostorhinchus chrysopomus Spotted-gill cardinalfish Indo-West Pacific 10 TL 1854
Ostorhinchus chrysotaenia Yellowlined cardinalfish Indo-Pacific 12 TL 1851
Ostorhinchus cladophilos Shelter cardinalfish Western Central Pacific 6 TL 2002
Ostorhinchus compressus Ochre-striped cardinalfish Indo-West Pacific 12 TL 1911
Ostorhinchus cookii Cook's cardinalfish Indo-Pacific 10 TL 1881
Ostorhinchus cyanosoma Yellowstriped cardinalfish Indo-Pacific 8 TL 1853
Ostorhinchus cyanotaenia Western Central Pacific 1853
Ostorhinchus dispar Redspot cardinalfish Indo-West Pacific 5 SL 1976
Ostorhinchus diversus Western Central Pacific 7.8 SL 1912
Ostorhinchus doederleini Doederlein's cardinalfish Western Pacific 14 TL 1901
Ostorhinchus endekataenia Candystripe cardinalfish Western Pacific 14 TL 1852
Ostorhinchus fasciatus Broadbanded cardinalfish Indo-West Pacific 12.6 TL 1790
Ostorhinchus flagelliferus Coachwhip cardinal Western Indian Ocean 13 TL 1961
Ostorhinchus flavus Brassy cardinalfish Southwest Pacific 9.6 SL 1993
Ostorhinchus fleurieu Flower cardinalfish Indo-West Pacific 12.5 SL 1802
Ostorhinchus franssedai Frans' cardinalfish Indo-West Pacific 7.5 SL 1994
Ostorhinchus fukuii Indo-West Pacific 9.3 SL 1990
Ostorhinchus griffini Hookfin cardinalfish Western Pacific 13.5 SL 1910
Ostorhinchus gularis Gular cardinalfish Western Indian Ocean 6.6 TL 1984
Ostorhinchus hartzfeldii Hartzfeld's cardinalfish Indo-Pacific 12 TL 1852
Ostorhinchus hoevenii Frostfin cardinalfish Indo-West Pacific 6 TL 1854
Ostorhinchus holotaenia Copperstriped cardinalfish Indo-West Pacific 8 TL 1905
Ostorhinchus ishigakiensis Western Pacific 6 TL 1974
Ostorhinchus jenkinsi Spot-nape cardinalfish Indo-West Pacific 8.7 SL 1907
Ostorhinchus kiensis Rifle cardinal Northwest Pacific 8 TL 1901
Ostorhinchus komodoensis Komodo cardinalfish Indo-West Pacific 10 SL 1998
Ostorhinchus leptofasciatus Slenderline cardinalfish Western Pacific 5 SL 2001
Ostorhinchus leslie Central Pacific 4.9 SL 2006
Ostorhinchus limenus Sydney cardinalfish Southwest Pacific 14 TL 1988
Ostorhinchus lineomaculatus Linespot cardinalfish Indian Ocean 6.5 TL 2002
Ostorhinchus luteus Yellow cardinalfish Western Central Pacific 4.4 SL 1998
Ostorhinchus maculiferus Spotted cardinalfish Eastern Central Pacific 14 TL 1864
Ostorhinchus margaritophorus Red-striped cardinalfish Western Central Pacific 6.5 TL 1855
Ostorhinchus melanoproctus Blackvent cardinalfish Indo-West Pacific 4 SL 1976
Ostorhinchus melanopterus Western Central Pacific 1930
Ostorhinchus microspilos Microspot cardinalfish Indian Ocean 7 TL 2002
Ostorhinchus moluccensis Moluccan cardinalfish Indo-Pacific 9 TL 1832
Ostorhinchus monospilus Moluccen cardinal Indo-Pacific 7.8 SL 2002
Ostorhinchus multilineatus Many-lined cardinalfish Western Pacific. 10 TL 1874
Ostorhinchus mydrus Western Central Pacific 1905
Ostorhinchus nanus Tiny cardinalfish Western Central Pacific 6 SL 1994
Ostorhinchus neotes Mini cardinalfish Western Central Pacific 2.7 SL 1994
Ostorhinchus nigripes Blackfoot cardinal Western Indian Ocean 7 TL 1867
Ostorhinchus nigrocincta Blackbelt cardinalfish Indo-West Pacific. 9.1 SL 1912
Ostorhinchus nigrofasciatus Blackstripe cardinalfish Indo-Pacific 10 TL 1953
Ostorhinchus norfolcensis Norfolk cardinalfish Southwest Pacific 15 TL 1888
Ostorhinchus notatus Spotnape cardinalfish Western Pacific 10 TL 1782
Ostorhinchus noumeae Western Central Pacific 1958
Ostorhinchus novemfasciatus Sevenstriped cardinalfish Pacific Ocean 10 TL 1828
Ostorhinchus ocellicaudus Tail-eye cardinalfish Indo-West Pacific 5 SL 1994
Ostorhinchus oxina Indian Ocean 7.1 SL 1999
Ostorhinchus oxygrammus Sharpline cardinalfish Western Pacific 3.9 SL 2001
Ostorhinchus pallidofasciatus Palestriped cardinalfish Eastern Indian Ocean 7 SL 1987
Ostorhinchus parvulus Western Pacific. 4 TL 1912
Ostorhinchus pleuron Rib-bar cardinalfish Indo-West Pacific 10.4 SL 2005
Ostorhinchus properuptus Southern orange-lined cardinal fish Indo-Pacific. 6 TL 1964
Ostorhinchus pselion Western Indian Ocean 4 SL 1990
Ostorhinchus quinquestriatus Western Indian Ocean 3.7 SL 1908
Ostorhinchus radcliffei Western Central Pacific 1918
Ostorhinchus regula Western Central Pacific 3.8 SL 2003
Ostorhinchus relativus Eastern Central Pacific 7.4 SL 2001
Ostorhinchus rubrimacula Rubyspot cardinalfish Western Central Pacific 4.5 SL 1998
Ostorhinchus rueppellii Gobbleguts Western Central Pacific 12 TL 1859
Ostorhinchus schlegeli Schlegel's cardinalfish Western Pacific 12 TL 1855
Ostorhinchus sealei Seale's cardinalfish Indo-Pacific 10 TL 1918
Ostorhinchus selas Meteor cardinalfish Western Pacific 4 SL 1990
Ostorhinchus semilineatus Half-lined cardinal Western Pacific 12 TL 1842
Ostorhinchus septemstriatus Sevenband cardinalfish West Pacific 5.3 SL 1880
Ostorhinchus sinus Eastern Central Pacific 8.5 SL 2001
Ostorhinchus spilurus Western Indian Ocean 7.4 SL 1905
Ostorhinchus taeniophorus Reef-flat cardinalfish Indo-Pacific 11.5 TL 1908
Ostorhinchus urostigmus Western Central Pacific 15 SL 1874
Ostorhinchus victoriae Western striped cardinalfish Eastern Indian Ocean 8 TL 1859
Ostorhinchus wassinki Kupang cardinalfish Western Central Pacific 7 TL 1861
Ostorhinchus wilsoni Western Central Pacific 1918

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