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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Perciformes
Family: Serranidae Sea basses: groupers and fairy basslets
Subfamily: Liopropomatinae
Genus: Liopropoma

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32 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Liopropoma aberrans Western Central Atlantic 1860
Liopropoma africanum African basslet Indian Ocean 8 TL 1954
Liopropoma aragai Northwest Pacific 13.5 SL 1988
Liopropoma aurora Yellowmargin basslet Eastern Central Pacific 17 TL 1903
Liopropoma carmabi Candy basslet Western Atlantic 6 TL 1963
Liopropoma collettei Collette's basslet Pacific Ocean 7.5 TL 1988
Liopropoma danae Western Central Atlantic 1970
Liopropoma dorsoluteum Indo-West Pacific 20.6 SL 1999
Liopropoma emanueli Cape Verdes basslet Eastern Atlantic, Cape Ve 12.4 SL 2012
Liopropoma erythraeum Pacific Ocean 27.8 SL 1988
Liopropoma eukrines Wrasse bass Western Atlantic 13 TL 1962
Liopropoma fasciatum Wrasse ass bass Eastern Pacific 17.8 SL 1980
Liopropoma flavidum Eastern Central Pacific 6.1 SL 1988
Liopropoma incandescens Incandescent basslet Western Pacific 5.4 SL 2019
Liopropoma incomptum Plain basslet Western Pacific 6.7 SL 1988
Liopropoma japonicum Northwest Pacific 18.8 SL 1883
Liopropoma latifasciatum Blackstripe basslet Northwest Pacific 20 TL 1922
Liopropoma lemniscatum Ribbon basslet Northwest Pacific 17.5 TL 1988
Liopropoma longilepis Scalyfin basslet Eastern Pacific 1899
Liopropoma lunulatum Indo-Pacific 18.7 SL 1863
Liopropoma maculatum Pacific Ocean 21.7 SL 1883
Liopropoma mitratum Pinstriped basslet Indo-Pacific 9 TL 1978
Liopropoma mowbrayi Cave bass Western Atlantic 9 TL 1951
Liopropoma multilineatum Manyline perch Western Pacific 8 TL 1988
Liopropoma olneyi Yellow-spotted golden bass Caribbean 8.4 SL 2014
Liopropoma pallidum Pallid basslet Pacific Ocean 6.4 SL 1938
Liopropoma randalli Indian Ocean 13.2 SL 2012
Liopropoma rubre Peppermint bass Western Atlantic 10 TL 1861
Liopropoma santi Spot-tail golden bass Caribbean 11.6 SL 2014
Liopropoma susumi Meteor perch Indo-Pacific 9.1 TL 1906
Liopropoma swalesi Swales' basslet Western Pacific 5.6 TL 1930
Liopropoma tonstrinum Redstriped basslet Indo-Pacific. 8 TL 1988

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