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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Characiformes
Family: Characidae Characins
Subfamily: Stevardiinae
Genus: Hemibrycon

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37 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Hemibrycon antioquiae South America 8.3 SL 2013
Hemibrycon beni South America 8.1 SL 1924
Hemibrycon boquiae South America 4.8 SL 1913
Hemibrycon brevispini South America 9.0 SL 2009
Hemibrycon cairoense South America 8.5 SL 2009
Hemibrycon cardalensis South America 8.7 SL 2013
Hemibrycon carrilloi South America 6.7 SL 1960
Hemibrycon colombianus South America 10.6 SL 1914
Hemibrycon dariensis Central America 6.5 SL 1916
Hemibrycon decurrens South America 5.7 SL 1913
Hemibrycon dentatus South America 11.8 SL 1913
Hemibrycon divisorensis South America 8.2 SL 2007
Hemibrycon fasciatus South America 8.3 SL 2013
Hemibrycon helleri South America 10 SL 1927
Hemibrycon huambonicus South America 11.9 SL 1882
Hemibrycon inambari South America 8.7 SL 2010
Hemibrycon jabonero South America 11.5 SL 1944
Hemibrycon jelskii South America 10.2 SL 1876
Hemibrycon metae South America 9.3 SL 1930
Hemibrycon microformaa South America 3.1 SL 2007
Hemibrycon mikrostiktos South America 4.4 SL 2010
Hemibrycon orcesi South America 5 SL 1958
Hemibrycon paez South America 9.4 SL 2010
Hemibrycon palomae South America 8.9 SL 2010
Hemibrycon polyodon South America 16.8 SL 1864
Hemibrycon quindos South America 5.2 SL 2010
Hemibrycon rafaelense South America 9.0 SL 2008
Hemibrycon raqueliae South America 9.9 SL 2010
Hemibrycon sanjuanensis South America 8.5 SL 2014
Hemibrycon santamartae South America 2010
Hemibrycon sierraensis South America, Colombia 7.2 SL 2015
Hemibrycon surinamensis South America 9.5 SL 1962
Hemibrycon taeniurus Mountain stream sardine Central America 8.2 SL 1858
Hemibrycon tridens Jumping tetra South America 6.5 SL 1922
Hemibrycon velox South America 11 SL 1964
Hemibrycon virolinica South America 9.8 SL 2010
Hemibrycon yacopiae South America 8.9 SL 2010

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