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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Perciformes
Family: Tripterygiidae Triplefin blennies
Subfamily: Tripterygiinae
Genus: Helcogramma

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40 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Helcogramma albimacula Whitespot triplefin Western Pacific. 4.2 TL 2003
Helcogramma alkamr Western Indian Ocean 3.2 SL 2007
Helcogramma aquila Darktail triplefin Western Central Pacific 4.1 SL 1990
Helcogramma ascensionis Ascension triplefin Southeast Atlantic 3.5 SL 1980
Helcogramma atauroensis Red-anal triplefin Western Pacific 3.2 SL 2017
Helcogramma billi Western Indian Ocean 3.2 SL 1986
Helcogramma capidata Hooded triplefin Western Central Pacific 3.7 SL 1960
Helcogramma cerasina Western Central Pacific 4.3 SL 2003
Helcogramma chica Little hooded triplefin Indo-West Pacific 3.1 SL 1960
Helcogramma decurrens Black-throated triplefin Eastern Indian Ocean 4.5 SL 1918
Helcogramma desa Neglected triplefin Western Pacific 5.5 TL 2003
Helcogramma ellioti Indo-Pacific 5.7 SL 1944
Helcogramma ememes Western Indian Ocean 3.9 SL 2007
Helcogramma fuscipectoris Fourspot triplefin Western Pacific 3.2 SL 1946
Helcogramma fuscopinna Blackfin triplefin Indo-West Pacific 3.8 SL 1982
Helcogramma gymnauchen Red-finned triplefin Western Pacific 4 TL 1909
Helcogramma hudsoni Hudson's triplefin Western Pacific 4.0 SL 1906
Helcogramma inclinata Triangle triplefin Western Pacific 4.6 SL 1946
Helcogramma kranos Helmet triplefin Western Central Pacific 3.1 SL 1997
Helcogramma lacuna Cavern triplefin Eastern Indian Ocean 4.4 TL 2003
Helcogramma larvata Western Indian Ocean 2.2 SL 1992
Helcogramma maldivensis Western Indian Ocean 2.8 SL 1992
Helcogramma microstigma Western Indian Ocean 3.1 SL 2006
Helcogramma nesion Northwest Pacific 2003
Helcogramma nigra Rotuma triplefin Western Central Pacific 3.8 TL 2003
Helcogramma novaecaledoniae New Caledonian triplefin Western Central Pacific 4.2 SL 1994
Helcogramma obtusirostris Hotlips triplefin Indo-West Pacific 3.8 SL 1871
Helcogramma randalli Randall's triplefin Western Pacific 4.7 TL 2003
Helcogramma rharhabe Western Indian and Southe 3.7 SL 2007
Helcogramma rhinoceros Rhinocerus triplefin Western Pacific 4 TL 1986
Helcogramma rosea Rosy triplefin Eastern Indian Ocean 3.3 SL 2006
Helcogramma serendip Eastern Indian Ocean 2.5 SL 2007
Helcogramma shinglensis Eastern Indian Ocean 3.7 TL 1971
Helcogramma solorensis Solor triplefin Western Central Pacific 3.9 SL 1997
Helcogramma springeri Springer's triplefin Western Pacific 3.4 SL 1986
Helcogramma steinitzi Red triplefin Western Indian Ocean 6 SL 1980
Helcogramma striata Tropical striped triplefin Western Pacific 4.3 SL 1986
Helcogramma trigloides Scarf triplefin Western Pacific 4.5 SL 1858
Helcogramma vulcana Volcano triplefin Western Pacific 3.8 SL 1993
Helcogramma williamsi Western Pacific 2.9 SL 2012

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