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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Perciformes
Family: Blenniidae Combtooth blennies
Subfamily: Salariinae
Genus: Entomacrodus

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27 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Entomacrodus cadenati West African rockhopper Eastern Atlantic 6.9 SL 1967
Entomacrodus caudofasciatus Tail-barred rockskipper Indo-Pacific 6.2 SL 1909
Entomacrodus chapmani Chapman's blenny Southeast Pacific 3.9 SL 1967
Entomacrodus chiostictus Rock blenny Eastern Central Pacific 7.5 TL 1882
Entomacrodus corneliae Cornelia's rockskipper Eastern Central Pacific 5 SL 1932
Entomacrodus cymatobiotus Pacific rockskipper Pacific Ocean 2.7 SL 1960
Entomacrodus decussatus Wavy-lined blenny Pacific Ocean 19 TL 1858
Entomacrodus epalzeocheilos Fringelip rockskipper Indo-Pacific. 11 SL 1859
Entomacrodus lemuria Western Indian Ocean 6.8 SL 2000
Entomacrodus lighti Western Pacific 11.8 FL 1938
Entomacrodus longicirrus Western Pacific 1967
Entomacrodus macrospilus Bigspot rockskipper Eastern Central Pacific 4.2 SL 1967
Entomacrodus marmoratus Rockskipper Eastern Central Pacific 15.2 SL 1828
Entomacrodus nigricans Pearl blenny Western Atlantic 10 TL 1859
Entomacrodus niuafoouensis Tattoo-chin rockskipper Indo-Pacific 12 TL 1932
Entomacrodus randalli Eastern Central Pacific 8.8 SL 1967
Entomacrodus rofeni Rofen's rockskipper Eastern Central Pacific 8 SL 1967
Entomacrodus sealei Seale's rockskipper Pacific Ocean 8 TL 1903
Entomacrodus solus Indian Ocean 4.3 SL 2010
Entomacrodus stellifer Stellar rockskipper Northwest Pacific 11 SL 1902
Entomacrodus strasburgi Strasburg's blenny Eastern Central Pacific 4 SL 1967
Entomacrodus striatus Reef margin blenny Indo-Pacific 11 TL 1836
Entomacrodus textilis Textile blenny Eastern Atlantic 6 SL 1836
Entomacrodus thalassinus Sea blenny Indo-Pacific 4 SL 1906
Entomacrodus vermiculatus Vermiculated blenny Western Indian Ocean 18 TL 1836
Entomacrodus vomerinus Southwest Atlantic 7.9 SL 1836
Entomacrodus williamsi William's rockskipper Western Central Pacific 5.3 SL 2000

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