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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Myctophiformes
Family: Myctophidae Lanternfishes
Subfamily: Lampanyctinae
Genus: Diaphus

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77 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Diaphus adenomus Gilbert's large lantern fish Western Pacific 18 SL 1905
Diaphus aliciae Indo-Pacific. South China 6 SL 1934
Diaphus anderseni Andersen's lantern fish Eastern Atlantic 3.2 SL 1932
Diaphus antonbruuni Western Indian Ocean 5.5 SL 1978
Diaphus arabicus Western Indian Ocean 1978
Diaphus basileusi Western Indian Ocean 16.4 SL 1984
Diaphus bertelseni Bertelsen's lanternfish Eastern Atlantic 9.1 SL 1966
Diaphus brachycephalus Short-headed lantern fish Circumglobal 6 SL 1928
Diaphus burtoni Western Central Pacific 1934
Diaphus chrysorhynchus Golden-nosed lantern fish Pacific Ocean. 1.1 SL 1897
Diaphus coeruleus Blue lantern fish Indo-West Pacific 13.7 SL 1871
Diaphus confusus Southeast Pacific 1992
Diaphus dahlgreni Western Pacific 1934
Diaphus danae Dana lanternfish Indo-West Pacific 12.6 SL 1932
Diaphus dehaveni Western Central Pacific 1934
Diaphus diadematus Crown lanternfish Eastern Atlantic 4.2 SL 1932
Diaphus diademophilus Indo-West Pacific 4.9 SL 1978
Diaphus drachmanni Drachmann's lanternfish Eastern Indian Ocean. 1932
Diaphus dumerilii Eastern Atlantic 8.7 SL 1856
Diaphus effulgens Headlight fish Eastern Atlantic 15 SL 1896
Diaphus ehrhorni Western Central Pacific 1934
Diaphus faustinoi Western Central Pacific 1934
Diaphus fragilis Fragile lantern fish Tropical areas in all thr 12.3 SL 1928
Diaphus fulgens Indian Ocean 4.5 SL 1904
Diaphus garmani Garman's lanternfish Eastern Atlantic 6 SL 1906
Diaphus gigas North Pacific 1913
Diaphus handi Western Central Pacific 1934
Diaphus holti Small lantern fish Eastern Atlantic 7 SL 1918
Diaphus hudsoni Hudson's lanternfish Circumglobal between Subt 8.4 SL 1976
Diaphus impostor Imposter lanternfish Western Central Pacific 1995
Diaphus jenseni Jensen's lanternfish Indo-Pacific. Southeast 5 SL 1932
Diaphus kapalae Kapala lanternfish Southwest Pacific 1995
Diaphus knappi Western Indian Ocean 17.3 SL 1978
Diaphus kora Southwest Pacific 1995
Diaphus kuroshio Northwest Pacific 6.3 SL 1978
Diaphus lobatus Western Indian Ocean 1978
Diaphus lucidus Spotlight lanternfish Eastern Atlantic 11.8 SL 1896
Diaphus lucifrons Western Central Pacific 1934
Diaphus luetkeni Luetken's lanternfish Atlantic, Indian and Paci 6 SL 1904
Diaphus malayanus Malayan lanternfish Western Pacific 4.5 SL 1913
Diaphus mascarensis Western Indian Ocean 14.4 SL 1990
Diaphus meadi Mead's lanternfish Circumglobal distribution 5.4 SL 1978
Diaphus megalops Indo-West Pacific. 8.5 SL 1978
Diaphus metopoclampus Spothead lantern fish Eastern Atlantic 7.5 SL 1829
Diaphus minax Western Atlantic 1968
Diaphus mollis Soft lanternfish Eastern Atlantic 6.6 SL 1928
Diaphus nielseni Indo-Pacific 4 SL 1978
Diaphus ostenfeldi Ostenfeld's lanternfish Circumglobal in all three 12 SL 1932
Diaphus pacificus Pacific headlightfish Southwest Pacific 1931
Diaphus pallidus Western Indian Ocean 1989
Diaphus parini Southeast Pacific 1992
Diaphus parri Parr's lanternfish Southeast Atlantic 6.5 SL 1932
Diaphus perspicillatus Transparent lantern fish Eastern Atlantic 7.1 SL 1898
Diaphus phillipsi Bolin's lantern fish Indian Ocean 7.7 SL 1934
Diaphus problematicus Problematic lanternfish Tropical waters of all th 10.5 SL 1928
Diaphus rafinesquii White-spotted lantern fish Eastern Atlantic 9 SL 1838
Diaphus regani Regan's lanternfish Indo-West Pacific. South 1.4 SL 1932
Diaphus richardsoni Southeast Atlantic 6 SL 1932
Diaphus rivatoni West Central Pacific 11 TL 1985
Diaphus roei Western Central Atlantic 1974
Diaphus sagamiensis Northwest Pacific 1913
Diaphus schmidti Widespread in the tropica 5.3 SL 1932
Diaphus signatus Indo-Pacific 4 SL 1908
Diaphus similis Eastern Central Pacific. 7.2 SL 1974
Diaphus splendidus Horned lanternfish Eastern Atlantic 9 SL 1904
Diaphus suborbitalis Indo-West Pacific 7.3 SL 1913
Diaphus subtilis Eastern Atlantic 8.5 SL 1968
Diaphus taaningi Slopewater lanternfish Eastern Atlantic 7 SL 1930
Diaphus termophilus Taaning's lantern fish Eastern Atlantic 8 SL 1928
Diaphus theta California headlightfish Eastern Pacific 11.4 TL 1890
Diaphus thiollierei Thiolliere's lanternfish Indo-Pacific 10 SL 1934
Diaphus trachops Eastern Central Pacific 6.4 SL 1974
Diaphus umbroculus Western Central Pacific 1934
Diaphus vanhoeffeni Eastern Atlantic 4.2 SL 1906
Diaphus watasei Watases lanternfish Indo-West Pacific 17 SL 1904
Diaphus whitleyi Western Central Pacific 1934
Diaphus wisneri Western Central Pacific. 1995

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