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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Gadiformes
Family: Macrouridae Grenadiers or rattails
Subfamily: Macrourinae
Genus: Coryphaenoides

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66 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Coryphaenoides acrolepis Pacific grenadier North Pacific 104 TL 1884
Coryphaenoides affinis Southwest Atlantic 1878
Coryphaenoides alateralis Western Central Atlantic 26.5 TL 1973
Coryphaenoides altipennis Northwest Pacific 47 TL 1877
Coryphaenoides anguliceps Loosescale grenadier Eastern Pacific 50 TL 1899
Coryphaenoides ariommus Humboldt grenadier Southeast Pacific 46 TL 1916
Coryphaenoides armatus Abyssal grenadier Worldwide 102 TL 1875
Coryphaenoides asper Northwest Pacific 32 TL 1877
Coryphaenoides asprellus Indian Ocean 51.5 TL 1912
Coryphaenoides boops Shortsnout grenadier Eastern Pacific 42.5 TL 1899
Coryphaenoides brevibarbis Northeast Atlantic 35 TL 1896
Coryphaenoides bucephalus Narrowsnout grenadier Eastern Pacific 59 TL 1899
Coryphaenoides bulbiceps Large-eye grenadier Eastern Pacific 81 TL 1899
Coryphaenoides camurus Western Central Pacific 1912
Coryphaenoides capito Bighead grenadier Eastern Pacific 32.4 TL 1899
Coryphaenoides carapinus Carapine grenadier Atlantic Ocean 45 TL 1883
Coryphaenoides carminifer Carmine grenadier Eastern Pacific 36 TL 1899
Coryphaenoides castaneus Eastern Indian Ocean 74 TL 1995
Coryphaenoides cinereus Popeye grenadier North Pacific 66 TL 1896
Coryphaenoides delsolari Trident grenadier Eastern Pacific 51 TL 1977
Coryphaenoides dossenus Humpback whiptail Southwest Pacific 1999
Coryphaenoides dubius Western Pacific 1912
Coryphaenoides fernandezianus Fernandez whiptail Southeast Pacific 1887
Coryphaenoides ferrieri Southern Ocean 60 TL 1913
Coryphaenoides filamentosus Northwest Pacific 43 TL 1970
Coryphaenoides filicauda Grenadier Southern Ocean 40 TL 1878
Coryphaenoides filifer Filamented rattail North Pacific 55 TL 1896
Coryphaenoides grahami Graham's whiptail Southeast Atlantic 40 TL 1991
Coryphaenoides guentheri Günther's grenadier Atlantic Ocean 50 TL 1888
Coryphaenoides gypsochilus Southeast Pacific 43.7 TL 2001
Coryphaenoides hextii Western Indian Ocean 13.3 TL 1890
Coryphaenoides hoskynii Indian Ocean 41 TL 1890
Coryphaenoides lecointei Southern Ocean 60 TL 1900
Coryphaenoides leptolepis Ghostly grenadier Atlantic Ocean 62 TL 1877
Coryphaenoides liocephalus Bearded rattail North Pacific 43 TL 1887
Coryphaenoides longicirrhus Eastern Central Pacific 80 TL 1905
Coryphaenoides longifilis Longfin grenadier North Pacific 110 TL 1877
Coryphaenoides macrolophus Indian Ocean. 11 TL 1889
Coryphaenoides marginatus Amami grenadier Northwest Pacific 62 TL 1887
Coryphaenoides marshalli Eastern Central Atlantic 50 TL 1970
Coryphaenoides mcmillani McMillan's whiptail Southeast Atlantic 34 TL 1991
Coryphaenoides mediterraneus Mediterranean grenadier Northeast Atlantic 73 TL 1893
Coryphaenoides mexicanus Mexican grenadier Western Central Atlantic 40 TL 1946
Coryphaenoides microps Western Pacific 41.3 TL 1912
Coryphaenoides microstomus Southwest Pacific 1999
Coryphaenoides murrayi Abyssal rattail Indo-Pacific 37 TL 1878
Coryphaenoides myersi Myers' grenadier Southeast Pacific 30 TL 1988
Coryphaenoides nasutus Largenose grenadier Northwest Pacific 47 TL 1877
Coryphaenoides oreinos Eastern Central Pacific 65 TL 1988
Coryphaenoides orthogrammus Western Central Pacific. 1912
Coryphaenoides paramarshalli Northeast Atlantic. 46 TL 1983
Coryphaenoides profundicolus Deepwater grenadier Eastern Atlantic 1957
Coryphaenoides rudis Rudis rattail Pacific Ocean 111 TL 1878
Coryphaenoides rupestris Roundnose grenadier North Atlantic 110 TL 1765
Coryphaenoides semiscaber Western Central Pacific 25.1 TL 1920
Coryphaenoides serrulatus Serrulate whiptail Southwest Pacific 45 TL 1878
Coryphaenoides sibogae Western Central Pacific 1929
Coryphaenoides soyoae Black grenadier Northwest Pacific, Japan 57.8 TL 2016
Coryphaenoides spinulosus North Pacific 1912
Coryphaenoides striaturus Striate whiptail Southeast Atlantic and In 54 TL 1925
Coryphaenoides subserrulatus Longrayed whiptail Indo-Pacific 37 TL 1976
Coryphaenoides thelestomus Roughlip grenadier Eastern Central Atlantic 65 TL 1951
Coryphaenoides tydemani Western Pacific 27 TL 1913
Coryphaenoides woodmasoni Indian Ocean 53 TL 1890
Coryphaenoides yaquinae Pacific Ocean. 63 TL 1974
Coryphaenoides zaniophorus Thickbeard grenadier Central Atlantic 40 TL 1888

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