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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Perciformes
Family: Pomacentridae Damselfishes
Subfamily: Pomacentrinae
Genus: Chromis

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104 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Chromis abrupta Eastern Central Pacific 5.4 SL 2001
Chromis abyssicola Deepsea chromis Southwest Pacific 12.5 SL 1985
Chromis abyssus Deep blue Chromis Western Pacific 9.8 SL 2008
Chromis acares Midget chromis Pacific Ocean 4 SL 1973
Chromis agilis Agile chromis Indo-Pacific 7.5 SL 1960
Chromis albicauda White-caudal chromis Western Pacific 13.4 SL 2009
Chromis albomaculata White-spotted chromis Northwest Pacific 15 SL 1960
Chromis alleni Allen's chromis Northwest Pacific 6.5 SL 1981
Chromis alpha Yellow-speckled chromis Indo-Pacific 8.5 SL 1988
Chromis alta Oval damselfish Eastern Pacific 13 SL 1980
Chromis amboinensis Ambon chromis Western Pacific 10 TL 1871
Chromis analis Yellow chromis Western Pacific 17 TL 1830
Chromis athena South East Asia 5.4 SL 2008
Chromis atrilobata Scissortail damselfish Eastern Pacific 13.4 TL 1862
Chromis atripectoralis Black-axil chromis Indo-Pacific 12 TL 1951
Chromis atripes Dark-fin chromis Western Pacific 9 TL 1928
Chromis axillaris Grey chromis Western Indian Ocean 10 SL 1831
Chromis bami Eastern Central Pacific 5.9 SL 1992
Chromis bowesi Rhomboid Chromis Western Pacific 8.2 SL 2019
Chromis brevirostris Shortsnout Chromis Western Pacific 6.9 SL 2008
Chromis cadenati Cadenat's chromis Eastern Central Atlantic 16.5 SL 1951
Chromis caudalis Blue-axil chromis Western Pacific 7.5 SL 1988
Chromis chromis Damselfish Mediterranean Sea 25 TL 1758
Chromis chrysura Stout chromis Indo-West Pacific 14 SL 1883
Chromis cinerascens Green puller Indo-West Pacific 13 TL 1830
Chromis circumaurea Gold-rim Chromis Western Pacific 10.2 SL 2008
Chromis crusma Valparaiso chromis Southeast Pacific 14 SL 1833
Chromis cyanea Blue chromis Western Atlantic 15 TL 1860
Chromis dasygenys Blue-spotted chromis Western Indian Ocean 12 TL 1935
Chromis degruyi DeGruy’s Chromis Western Pacific 8.2 SL 2008
Chromis delta Deep reef chromis Indo-West Pacific 7 TL 1988
Chromis dimidiata Chocolatedip chromis Western Indian Ocean 9 TL 1871
Chromis dispilus Demoiselle Southwest Pacific 21 TL 1923
Chromis durvillei Bourbon Chromis Western Indian Ocean 7.6 SL 2010
Chromis earina Spring Chromis Western Pacific 6.6 SL 2008
Chromis elerae Twinspot chromis Indo-West Pacific 7 TL 1928
Chromis enchrysura Yellowtail reeffish Western Atlantic 10 TL 1882
Chromis fatuhivae Eastern Central Pacific 6.3 SL 2001
Chromis fieldi Two-tone Chromis Indian Ocean. 5.1 SL 2013
Chromis flavapicis Eastern Central Pacific 10.1 SL 2001
Chromis flavaxilla Arabian chromis Western Indian Ocean 7.2 TL 1994
Chromis flavicauda Cobalt chromis Western Atlantic 7 SL 1880
Chromis flavipectoralis Malayan chromis Indian Ocean 8 TL 1988
Chromis flavomaculata Yellow-spotted chromis Western Pacific 16 TL 1960
Chromis fumea Smokey chromis Indo-West Pacific 10 SL 1917
Chromis gunting Scissors Chromis Western Pacific 7.7 SL 2019
Chromis hangganan Dark-margin Chromis Western Pacific 5.8 SL 2019
Chromis hanui Chocolate-dip Chromis Eastern Central Pacific 6 SL 1973
Chromis howsoni Western Pacific 5.6 SL 2014
Chromis hypsilepis Brown puller Southwest Pacific 16 SL 1867
Chromis insolata Sunshinefish Western Atlantic 16 TL 1830
Chromis intercrusma Peruvian chromis Eastern Pacific 29 TL 1917
Chromis iomelas Half-and-half chromis Pacific Ocean 8 FL 1906
Chromis jubauna Southwest Atlantic 7.4 SL 1995
Chromis kennensis Southwestern Pacific 1964
Chromis klunzingeri Black-headed chromis Eastern Indian Ocean 6.5 SL 1929
Chromis lepidolepis Scaly chromis Indo-Pacific 9 TL 1877
Chromis leucura Whitetail chromis Indo-West Pacific 8.5 TL 1905
Chromis limbata Azores chromis Eastern Atlantic 12 SL 1833
Chromis limbaughi Limbaugh's damselfish Eastern Central Pacific 11.3 TL 1980
Chromis lineata Lined chromis Indo-Pacific 7 TL 1928
Chromis lubbocki Lubbock's chromis Eastern Central Atlantic 12.5 SL 1986
Chromis margaritifer Bicolor chromis Pacific Ocean 9 TL 1946
Chromis meridiana Southeast Pacific 11 SL 1980
Chromis mirationis Japanese chromis Western Pacific 11 SL 1917
Chromis monochroma Monochrome chromis Western Pacific 5.1 SL 2004
Chromis multilineata Brown chromis Western Atlantic 20 TL 1853
Chromis nigroanalis Kenyan chromis Indian Ocean 12 TL 1988
Chromis nigrura Blacktail chromis Indian Ocean 6 TL 1960
Chromis nitida Barrier reef chromis Western Pacific 7 SL 1928
Chromis notata Pearl-spot chromis Northwest Pacific 17 TL 1843
Chromis okamurai Okinawa chromis Northwest Pacific 9.4 SL 1989
Chromis onumai Northwest Pacific 12.6 SL 2007
Chromis opercularis Doublebar chromis Indian Ocean 17 TL 1867
Chromis ovalis Hawaiian chromis Eastern Pacific 15 SL 1900
Chromis ovatiformes Ovate chromis Western Pacific 10 TL 1946
Chromis pamae Eastern Central Pacific 10.4 SL 1992
Chromis pelloura Duskytail chromis Western Indian Ocean 14 TL 1982
Chromis pembae Pemba chromis Western Indian Ocean 13 TL 1960
Chromis planesi Eastern Central Pacific 10.2 SL 2004
Chromis punctipinnis Blacksmith Eastern Pacific 25 SL 1863
Chromis pura Pura chromis Western Pacific 7.6 SL 2004
Chromis randalli Randall's chromis Southeast Pacific 15 NG 1970
Chromis retrofasciata Black-bar chromis Western Pacific 6 SL 1913
Chromis sanctaehelenae St. Helena chromis Southeast Atlantic 13 SL 1987
Chromis scotochiloptera Philippines chromis Western Central Pacific 16 TL 1918
Chromis scotti Purple reeffish Western Atlantic 10 TL 1968
Chromis struhsakeri Struhsaker's chromis Eastern Central Pacific 13 SL 1973
Chromis ternatensis Ternate chromis Indo-Pacific 10.5 TL 1856
Chromis tingting Moonstone Chromis Northwest Pacific 9.9 SL 2019
Chromis trialpha Trispot chromis Western Indian Ocean 6 TL 1980
Chromis unipa Unipa chromis Western Pacific 5.0 SL 2009
Chromis vanderbilti Vanderbilt's chromis Pacific Ocean 6 TL 1941
Chromis verater Threespot chromis Eastern Central Pacific 16 SL 1912
Chromis viridis Blue green damselfish Indo-Pacific 10 TL 1830
Chromis weberi Weber's chromis Indo-Pacific 13.5 TL 1928
Chromis westaustralis West Australian chromis Eastern Indian Ocean 8.5 SL 1976
Chromis woodsi Wood's chromis Western Indian Ocean 9.5 TL 1979
Chromis xanthochira Yellow-axil chromis Western Central Pacific 14 TL 1851
Chromis xanthopterygia Yellowfin chromis Western Indian Ocean 11.5 TL 1988
Chromis xanthura Paletail chromis Pacific Ocean 17 TL 1854
Chromis xouthos Yellow-brown chromis Indian Ocean 9.2 SL 2005
Chromis xutha Buff chromis Western Indian Ocean 7 TL 1988
Chromis yamakawai Northern yellow-spotted Chromis Western Pacific 13.1 SL 2013

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