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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Perciformes
Family: Pomacanthidae Angelfishes

Genus: Centropyge

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35 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Centropyge abei Abe's angelfish Western Pacific 9.1 SL 2006
Centropyge acanthops Orangeback angelfish Western Indian Ocean 8 TL 1922
Centropyge argi Cherubfish Western Atlantic 8 TL 1951
Centropyge aurantia Golden angelfish Western Pacific 10 TL 1974
Centropyge aurantonotus Flameback angelfish Western Atlantic 7.5 TL 1974
Centropyge bicolor Bicolor angelfish Indo-Pacific 15 TL 1787
Centropyge bispinosa Twospined angelfish Indo-Pacific 10 TL 1860
Centropyge boylei Peppermint angelfish Eastern Central Pacific 7 TL 1992
Centropyge cocosensis Cocos pygmy angelfish Eastern Indian Ocean 2016
Centropyge colini Cocos-Keeling angelfish Indo-West Pacific 9 TL 1974
Centropyge debelius Blue Mauritius angelfish Western Indian Ocean 9 TL 1990
Centropyge deborae Blue Velvet Angelfish South Pacific Ocean 7.0 SL 2012
Centropyge eibli Blacktail angelfish Eastern Indian Ocean 15 TL 1963
Centropyge ferrugata Rusty angelfish Western Pacific 10 TL 1972
Centropyge fisheri Orange angelfish Indo-West Pacific 8.4 TL 1904
Centropyge flavipectoralis Yellowfin angelfish Western Indian Ocean 10 TL 1977
Centropyge flavissima Lemonpeel angelfish Western Central Pacific. 14 TL 1831
Centropyge heraldi Yellow angelfish Indo-Pacific Ocean 12 TL 1953
Centropyge hotumatua Blackear angelfish Eastern Pacific 10 TL 1973
Centropyge interrupta Japanese angelfish Pacific Ocean 15 TL 1918
Centropyge joculator Yellowhead angelfish Eastern Indian Ocean 9 TL 1974
Centropyge loriculus Flame angel Pacific Ocean 15 TL 1874
Centropyge multicolor Multicolor angelfish Pacific Ocean 9 TL 1974
Centropyge multispinis Dusky angelfish Indo-West Pacific 14 TL 1867
Centropyge nahackyi Nahacky's angelfish Eastern Central Pacific 9 TL 1989
Centropyge narcosis Narc angelfish Eastern Central Pacific 5.5 SL 1993
Centropyge nigriocella Blackspot angelfish Pacific Ocean 6 TL 1953
Centropyge nox Midnight angelfish Western Pacific 10 TL 1853
Centropyge potteri Russet angelfish Eastern Central Pacific 10 TL 1912
Centropyge resplendens Resplendent angelfish Southeast Atlantic 6 TL 1975
Centropyge shepardi Mango angelfish Western Pacific 9 TL 1979
Centropyge tibicen Keyhole angelfish Western Pacific 19 TL 1831
Centropyge venusta Purplemask angelfish Western Pacific 12 NG 1969
Centropyge vrolikii Pearlscale angelfish Western Pacific 12 TL 1853
Centropyge woodheadi Southwestern Pacific 1998

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