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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Cypriniformes
Family: Cyprinidae Minnows or carps
Subfamily: No subfamily
Genus: Barbodes

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51 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Barbodes amarus Asia 10.8 1924
Barbodes aurotaeniatus Asia 6 SL 1885
Barbodes banksi Asia 1940
Barbodes bantolanensis Asia 12.4 SL 1914
Barbodes baoulan Asia 10.8 SL 1926
Barbodes belinka Asia 23.5 TL 1860
Barbodes binotatus Spotted barb Asia 20 SL 1842
Barbodes bunau Asia 2005
Barbodes carnaticus Carnatic carp Asia 60 TL 1849
Barbodes cataractae Asia 1934
Barbodes clemensi Asia 23.5 TL 1924
Barbodes colemani Asia 1937
Barbodes disa Asia 9.2 TL 1932
Barbodes dorsimaculatus Blackline barb Asia 3.1 TL 1923
Barbodes dunckeri Bigspot barb Asia 1929
Barbodes everetti Clown barb Asia 15 TL 1894
Barbodes flavifuscus Asia 10.5 SL 1924
Barbodes hemictenus Asia 10 TL 1908
Barbodes herrei Asia 1934
Barbodes ivis Asia 1910
Barbodes joaquinae Asia 1968
Barbodes katolo Asia 11 SL 1924
Barbodes kuchingensis Asia 1940
Barbodes lanaoensis Asia 11.8 1924
Barbodes lateristriga Spanner barb Asia 18.6 TL 1842
Barbodes lindog Asia 13.2 TL 1924
Barbodes mahakkamensis Asia 1922
Barbodes manalak Asia 31.5 TL 1924
Barbodes manguaoensis Asia 14 TL 1914
Barbodes microps Asia 12.5 TL 1868
Barbodes montanoi Asia 9 TL 1881
Barbodes pachycheilus Asia 13.4 TL 1924
Barbodes palaemophagus Asia 12.8 TL 1924
Barbodes palata Asia 14 TL 1924
Barbodes palavanensis Asia 1895
Barbodes platysoma Asia 18 TL 1855
Barbodes polylepis Asia 1988
Barbodes quinquemaculatus Asia 1907
Barbodes resinus Asia 22 TL 1924
Barbodes rhombeus Asia 6.5 SL 2000
Barbodes semifasciolatus Chinese barb Asia 7 TL 1868
Barbodes sirang Asia 12.4 TL 1932
Barbodes snyderi Asia 1919
Barbodes strigatus Asia 16.8 TL 1894
Barbodes sunieri Asia 28.7 TL 1916
Barbodes tras Asia 12.6 SL 1926
Barbodes truncatulus Asia 13.3 TL 1924
Barbodes tumba Asia 12.8 SL 1924
Barbodes umalii Asia 1968
Barbodes wynaadensis Asia 25 TL 1873
Barbodes xouthos Indian Ocean 2011

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