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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Pleuronectiformes
Family: Bothidae Lefteye flounders

Genus: Arnoglossus

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36 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Arnoglossus andrewsi Eastern Indian Ocean 22.6 SL 1954
Arnoglossus arabicus Arabian flounder Western Indian Ocean 10.5 TL 1939
Arnoglossus armstrongi Eastern Indian Ocean 16.9 SL 1975
Arnoglossus aspilos Spotless lefteye flounder Indo-West Pacific 19 TL 1851
Arnoglossus bassensis Bass Strait flounder Indo-West Pacific 25 TL 1926
Arnoglossus boops Southwest Pacific 1875
Arnoglossus brunneus Brown lefteye flounder Western Central Pacific 18.3 TL 1934
Arnoglossus capensis Cape scaldfish Eastern Atlantic 20 TL 1898
Arnoglossus coeruleosticta Southeast Pacific 1898
Arnoglossus dalgleishi East coast flounder Indo-Pacific 19 TL 1922
Arnoglossus debilis Weak lefteye flounder Pacific Ocean 17 TL 1905
Arnoglossus elongatus Long lefteye flounder Western Pacific 11 TL 1913
Arnoglossus fisoni Fison's lefteye flounder Western Pacific 13 TL 1898
Arnoglossus grohmanni Mediterranean Sea. 1837
Arnoglossus imperialis Imperial scaldfish Eastern Atlantic 25 TL 1810
Arnoglossus japonicus Japanese lefteye flounder Indo-West Pacific 17 TL 1915
Arnoglossus kessleri Scaldback Mediterranean and Black S 10 TL 1915
Arnoglossus laterna Mediterranean scaldfish Eastern Atlantic 25 SL 1792
Arnoglossus macrolophus Large-crested lefteye flounder Indo-West Pacific 13 TL 1889
Arnoglossus marisrubri Western Indian Ocean 1986
Arnoglossus micrommatus Eastern Indian Ocean 13.1 SL 1997
Arnoglossus muelleri Mueller's flounder Eastern Indian Ocean 21 TL 1872
Arnoglossus multirastris Southeast Pacific 1983
Arnoglossus nigrifrons Western Central Pacific 2000
Arnoglossus nigrofilamentosus Filamentous flounder eastern Mediterranean Sea 9.7 SL 2017
Arnoglossus oxyrhynchus Sharp-snout lefteye flounder Western Pacific 22 TL 1969
Arnoglossus polyspilus Many-spotted lefteye flounder Eastern Indian Ocean and 24 TL 1880
Arnoglossus rueppelii Rüppell's scaldback Eastern Atlantic 15 SL 1844
Arnoglossus sayaensis Western Indian Ocean 14.7 SL 1990
Arnoglossus scapha Western Pacific 28.1 SL 1801
Arnoglossus septemventralis Western Central Pacific 2000
Arnoglossus tapeinosoma Drab flounder Indo-West Pacific 12.7 TL 1865
Arnoglossus tenuis Dwarf lefteye flounder Western Pacific 12 TL 1880
Arnoglossus thori Thor's scaldfish Eastern Atlantic 18 SL 1913
Arnoglossus waitei Waite's lefteye flounder Indo-West Pacific 13 TL 1926
Arnoglossus yamanakai Western Pacific 1988

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