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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Perciformes
Family: Apogonidae Cardinalfishes
Subfamily: Apogoninae
Genus: Apogon

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52 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Apogon americanus Brazilian flamefish Southwest Atlantic and Ea 10.1 SL 1855
Apogon atradorsatus Blacktip cardinalfish Southeast Pacific 8.9 SL 1903
Apogon atricaudus Plain cardinalfish Eastern Central Pacific 8 TL 1898
Apogon aurolineatus Bridle cardinalfish Western Atlantic 6.5 TL 1927
Apogon axillaris Axillary-spot cardinalfish Eastern Atlantic 15 TL 1832
Apogon binotatus Barred cardinalfish Western Central Atlantic 13 SL 1867
Apogon campbelli Western Indian Ocean 3.9 SL 1949
Apogon caudicinctus Little tailband cardinalfish Indo-Pacific 6.4 SL 1988
Apogon ceramensis Mangrove cardinalfish Western Pacific 8 TL 1852
Apogon coccineus Ruby cardinalfish Indo-Pacific 6 TL 1838
Apogon crassiceps Transparent cardinalfish Indo-Pacific. Replaced b 5 TL 1903
Apogon dammermani Western Central Pacific 1929
Apogon deetsie Deetsie's cardinalfish Eastern Central Pacific 5.1 SL 1998
Apogon dhofar Dhofar cardinalfish Western Indian Ocean 14 TL 1995
Apogon dianthus Western Central Pacific 4.8 SL 2002
Apogon doryssa Longspine cardinalfish Indo-Pacific 8 TL 1906
Apogon dovii Tailspot cardinalfish Eastern Pacific 7.5 TL 1862
Apogon erythrinus Hawaiian ruby cardinalfish Eastern Central Pacific 4.0 SL 1904
Apogon erythrosoma Western Indian Ocean 3.8 SL 2003
Apogon gouldi Deepwater cardinalfish Western Central Atlantic 6.6 SL 1977
Apogon guadalupensis Guadalupe cardinalfish Eastern Pacific 13 TL 1916
Apogon imberbis Cardinal fish Eastern Atlantic and Medi 15 SL 1758
Apogon indicus Indian cardinalfish Indo-Pacific 3.8 SL 2001
Apogon kautamea Rapanui cardinalfish Southeast Pacific 7.3 NG 2004
Apogon lachneri Whitestar cardinalfish Western Atlantic 6.5 TL 1959
Apogon lativittatus Eastern Central Pacific 5.8 SL 2001
Apogon latus Western Indian Ocean 1828
Apogon leptocaulus Slendertail cardinalfish Western Atlantic 6 TL 1972
Apogon maculatus Flamefish Western Atlantic 11.1 TL 1860
Apogon marquesensis Eastern Central Pacific 4.6 SL 2001
Apogon mosavi Dwarf cardinalfish Western Central Atlantic 1977
Apogon nitidus Bluespot cardinalfish Indo-Pacific 8 TL 1961
Apogon pacificus Pink cardinalfish Eastern Pacific 10 TL 1935
Apogon phenax Mimic cardinalfish Western Atlantic 7.5 TL 1968
Apogon pillionatus Broadsaddle cardinalfish Western Atlantic 6.5 TL 1968
Apogon planifrons Pale cardinalfish Western Atlantic 10.5 SL 1940
Apogon posterofasciatus Rearbar cardinalfish Western Central Pacific. 6 TL 2002
Apogon pseudomaculatus Twospot cardinalfish Western Atlantic 11 TL 1932
Apogon quadrisquamatus Sawcheek cardinalfish Western Atlantic 7 TL 1934
Apogon retrosella Barspot cardinalfish Eastern Central Pacific 10 TL 1862
Apogon robbyi Striped cardinalfish Western Central Atlantic 3.6 SL 1997
Apogon robinsi Roughlip cardinalfish Western Central Atlantic 10.1 SL 1968
Apogon rubellus Western Indian Ocean 1961
Apogon rubrifuscus Flathead cardinalfish Southeast Pacific 13.2 NG 2004
Apogon seminigracaudus Darktail cardinalfish Western Pacific 5 TL 2007
Apogon semiornatus Oblique-banded cardinalfish Indo-West Pacific 7.5 TL 1876
Apogon susanae Western Pacific 4.0 SL 2001
Apogon talboti Flame cardinalfish Indo-Pacific. 14 TL 1961
Apogon townsendi Belted cardinalfish Western Central Atlantic 6.5 SL 1927
Apogon tricinctus Threeband cardinalfish Western Pacific 5.7 SL 2012
Apogon unicolor Big red cardinalfish Western Pacific 14 TL 1883
Apogon unitaeniatus Single-striped cardinalfish Indo-West Pacific 6 TL 1995

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