Cirripectes alboapicalis, Blackblotch blenny : aquarium

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Cirripectes alboapicalis (Ogilby, 1899)

Blackblotch blenny
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Image of Cirripectes alboapicalis (Blackblotch blenny)
Cirripectes alboapicalis
Male picture by Randall, J.E.

التصنيف / Names الأسماء الشائعة | مرادفات | Catalog of Fishes (gen., sp.) | ITIS | CoL | WoRMS | Cloffa

شعاعيات الزعانف > Perciformes (Perch-likes) > Blenniidae (Combtooth blennies) > Salariinae
Etymology: Cirripectes: Latin, cirrus = curl fringe + Greek, pektos, -e, -on = made of several parts solidly united (Ref. 45335);  alboapicalis: Specific epithet 'albus' meaning white, 'apicalis' meaning apex, referring to the pale area at the tip of the dorsal-fin spines.  More on author: Ogilby.

Environment: milieu / climate zone / depth range / distribution range البيئة

; بحري مرتبطة بالشعاب; نطاق العمق 0 - 10 m (Ref. 529).   Tropical; 20°S - 34°S, 148°E - 108°W

التوزيع دول | مناطق الفاو | النظام البيئي | الظهور | Point map | مقدمة | Faunafri

Pacific Ocean: Capricorn Group of the Great Barrier Reef, Lord Howe, Norfolk, Kermadec, Cook, Austral and Easter islands; also from the Pitcairn Group.

Length at first maturity / الحجم / وزن / العمر

Maturity: Lm ?, range 5 - ? cm
Max length : 15.5 cm NG ذكر/ مختلط الجنس; (Ref. 89467)

وصف مختصر الوصف الخارجي | قياسات المظهر الخارجي

الأشواك الظهرية (المجموع): 12; الأشعة الظهرية الناعمة (المجموع): 15-17; شوكة شرجية 2; أشعه شرجية لينه: 16 - 18; فقرات: 31 - 32. Diagnosis: Dorsal fin XII, 15-17 (usually 16), deeply incised above the last spine; anal fin II, 16-18 (usually 17); pectoral rays 14-16 (in general for the genus); pelvic fin I, 4; caudal fin procurrent rays 10-14. Gill rakers 25-31. Vertebrae 10 + 21-23 (usually 22); last pleural rib on 12th, last epipleural rib on 18th-23rd vertebral centrum. Body scaleless. Lateral line, anterior portion with small scalelike flaps, LL tubes 11-17 (rarely 9-10), series ends below and posterior to dorsal fin ray 12. Narrow inner ring of iris yellow, remainder black. Lower lip crenulated mesially, plicate laterally. Upper lip crenulae 34-52. Cirri, nuchal 28-42, supraorbital 4-18, nasal 8-27. Nuchal cirri in 2 groups, not overlapping at midpoint of nape, no nuchal flaps. First and second dorsal fin spine almost same height. Species name (albus - white; apicalis - apex) refers to pale tips of dorsal-fin spines. Adult brown in body color with spots; brown pupil-sized spot behind each eye. Ophioblennius stage overall light brown; lower lip both corners with dark spot; cirri brown; fins pale (in alcohol); dentary with 2-4 canines posteriorly (Ref. 529).

أحياء     المصطلحات (على سبيل المثال epibenthic)

Found in coral reefs and rocky reefs (Ref. 529). Oviparous. Eggs are demersal and adhesive (Ref. 205), and are attached to the substrate via a filamentous, adhesive pad or pedestal (Ref. 94114). Larvae are planktonic, often found in shallow, coastal waters (Ref. 94114).

Life cycle and mating behavior النضج | التكاثر | وضع البيض | بيض | الخصوبة | Larvae

Oviparous, distinct pairing (Ref. 205). Urogenital orifice of male genital papilla located at distal tip or on posterior side of a single slender filament on a fleshy swelling behind anus; elongated testes, length equal to 2-3 times the width (Ref. 529).

المرجع الرئيسي Upload your references | مراجع | المنظم : Williams, Jeffrey T. | المتعاونين

Williams, J.T., 1988. Revision and phylogenetic relationships of the blenniid fish genus Cirripectes. Indo-Pac. Fish. (17):78 p. (Ref. 529)

IUCN Red List Status (Ref. 120744)

  Least Concern (LC) ; Date assessed: 24 March 2009

CITES (Ref. 118484)

Not Evaluated

CMS (Ref. 116361)

Not Evaluated

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مصائد: غير ذات اهمية; حوض مائي: تجاري
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Estimates based on models

Preferred temperature (Ref. 115969): 21.4 - 25.7, mean 24.8 (based on 183 cells).
Phylogenetic diversity index (Ref. 82805):  PD50 = 0.5000   [Uniqueness, from 0.5 = low to 2.0 = high].
Bayesian length-weight: a=0.00741 (0.00337 - 0.01633), b=3.00 (2.81 - 3.19), in cm Total Length, based on LWR estimates for this (Sub)family-body shape (Ref. 93245).
مستوى غذائي (Ref. 69278):  2.0   ±0.00 se; Based on food items.
المرونه (Ref. 120179):  عالي, الحد الزمني الأدني لتضاعف عدد أفراد المجتمع أقل من 15 شهر (Preliminary K or Fecundity.).
عرضة للخطر (Ref. 59153):  Low vulnerability (22 of 100) .