Neoniphon marianus, Longjaw squirrelfish : fisheries

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Neoniphon marianus (Cuvier, 1829)

Longjaw squirrelfish
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Image of Neoniphon marianus (Longjaw squirrelfish)
Neoniphon marianus
Picture by Randall, J.E.

Classification / Names आम नाम | उपशब्द | Catalog of Fishes (gen., sp.) | ITIS | CoL | WoRMS | Cloffa

ऐकटीनोप्टीरेजी (रेज़-फिन्नढ मछलियाँ) > Beryciformes (Sawbellies) > Holocentridae (Squirrelfishes, soldierfishes) > Holocentrinae
Etymology: Neoniphon: Greek, neos = new + Greek, niphon = to snow (Ref. 45335).  More on author: Cuvier.

Environment: milieu / climate zone / depth range / distribution range पारिस्थितिकी

; समुद्री प्रवाल-भित्ति संयुक्त; गहराई सीमा 1 - 70 m (Ref. 9710), usually 30 - 60 m (Ref. 9710).   Tropical; 27°N - 10°N, 85°W - 60°W

वितरण देश | ऐफ ऐ ओ क्षेत्र | Ecosystems | संयोग | Point map | भूमिका | Faunafri

Western Atlantic: Florida Keys, USA and Bahamas to Trinidad. Antilles and throughout Caribbean (Ref. 26938).

आकार / वज़न / Age

Maturity: Lm ?  range ? - ? cm
Max length : 18.0 cm TL पुल्लिंग / अलिंग; (Ref. 26340)

Short description आकृति विज्ञान | मौरफोमैटरिक्स

पृष्ठीय रीढ़ (सम्पूर्ण): 11; पृष्ठीय सौफट रेज़ (सम्पूर्ण): 12-14; गुदा कांटा 4; ऐनल सौफट रेज़: 9. Body striped with red, yellow and silver; often anterior third of body more yellow than remainder. Third anal ray spine very long and stout (Ref. 26938). Body slender, spiny dorsal fin with broad yellow band along middle and lower sides (Ref. 37108).

जीवविज्ञान     शब्द संग्रह (उदाहरणार्थ epibenthic)

Rarely found in shallow water, but appears to be the most common squirrelfish in the depth range of 30-60 m or more (Ref. 32). Reported used as food fish (Ref. 37108).

Life cycle and mating behavior परिपक्व अवधि | पुनरुत्पत्ति | मछलीऔ का अंडे देना | अंडे | Fecundity | लार्वा

Main reference Upload your references | संदर्भ | संयोजक : Randall, John E. | सहयोगीयो

Böhlke, J.E. and C.C.G. Chaplin, 1993. Fishes of the Bahamas and adjacent tropical waters. 2nd edition. University of Texas Press, Austin. (Ref. 5521)

IUCN Red List Status (Ref. 120744)

  Least Concern (LC) ; Date assessed: 28 January 2013

CITES (Ref. 118484)

Not Evaluated