Spawning Aggregations of Mycteroperca venenosa

Main Ref. Nemeth, R.S., E. Kadison, S. Herzlieb, J. Blondeau, and E. Whiteman., 2004, Status of yellowfin and Nassau grouper spawning aggregations: dynamics of a multispecies spawning aggegation site in the USVI, Proceedings of the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute 57:73-74.; Reef Guardian Int. website, 2002, ,
Spawning type Group spawning
Aggregation type Transient
Spawning evidence
Courtship; High seasonal landings; Multiple gravid females; Colour changes associated with spawning
Status Decreasing
Lunar phase Full moon; Third quarter;
Habitat type
Habitat type
Management Time/area closure Gear
Country Virgin Islands (US )
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