Larvae Information Summary for  Podothecus sachi
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Main Ref: Munehara, H. 1997
Yolk-sac larvae
  max min mod Ref.
Length at birth (mm) 7.1 6.9    
Preanal L. % TL        
Place of development in close association with substrate
Larval area demersal
Yolk-sac       Ref:  
Yolk   Oil globules  
Melanophores on head + trunk melanophores on head + trunk
An oil droplet remained in each yolk's anterior part. On the 3rd day after hatching, supralateral and infralateral bony plates, and dorsal and ventral bony plates began to form. Larvae may occassionaly feed on Artemia salina. The urinary bladder is always swollen with transparent liquid.
Post larvae
Striking feature  
Striking shape lateral   dorsal  
Striking feature  
Shape of gut  
Gas bladder   early   late  
Spinal armature   early   late  
Yolk is completely absorbed on the 14th day after hatching. Length is around 7.4 mm NL, with melanophores on the lateral sides of the abdomen and two pairs of fronto-paietal ridges with one spinule. The pectoral fins began to enlarge. On the 28th day, at 7.7 mm NL, 14 rays developed in its pectoral fins, melanophores on the ventral sides of the abdomen, and both jaws protruded slightly; four spines on preopercular and 2-4 spinules on each frontoparietal ridge were found. On the 28th day, flexion occurs in one specimen measuring at 8.3 mm NL. At this stage flexion larva has 13, 16, and 15 rays in its dorsal, anal, and pectoral fins, respectively. On the 42nd day, a specimen measuring 8.7 mm SL had 10 spines and 13 rays on its dorsal fin and 15 and 16 rays on its anal and pectoral fins, respectively, forming a full complement. The pelvic fins are still buds at this stage. The opening position of the anal and the genital pore began moving from just anterior to the anal fin toward the base of the pelvic fins. On the 60th day, at 15.6 mm SL, whiskers, mustache and pelvic fins appear. On the 93rd day, all of the above are completely formed.
  L 1st feeding Ref. Months of presence of larvae
max     Jan Feb Mar Apr
min   May Jun Jul Aug
mod     Sep Oct Nov Dec
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